So we’re another month down and beginning to rattle our way through 2015… It’ll be spring soon! (Let’s hope so at least). This month has seen not much cycling, not much swimming and a LOT of running. To be expected in the run-up to a marathon!

So in January I

Swam: 5600m in 5 swims – not a huge amount more metres than last month but more swims – little and often. Although I should have swam 8 times if I’d been keeping to my New Years’ Resolution…

Cycled: 164.1km – very, very similar to November’s tally – mainly cycle commutes with one ride in Wales, and one long ride in Northumberland.

Ran – 111 miles. That’s the first time I’ve run over 100 miles in a month. To give that some perspective, in November (my last monthly recap) I ran just over 60 miles – this was almost my total for August, September and October put together. My further distance was my 18miler last week. My average page was 10:12 per mile, just a bit slower than my goal marathon pace and my fastest was 9:04 per mile on a lunchtime 5k.

Everything else but running kind of fell by the wayside this month. I managed two strength training sessions and six 15 minute online yoga classes.


I read 3 and a half books….

Joshua Ferris – To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
Jennifer Klinec – The Temporary Bride: a Memoir of Love and Food in Iran
J.K. Rowling – The Casual Vacancy
And I haven’t yet managed to finish Eric Newby – Around Ireland in Low Gear

On the blog there were:

numerous, numerous blogs due to Janathon.

My triathlon goals for 2014
– a post about changing up a marathon plan and one about what it’s like to train for a marathon as a triathlete
– Two kit reviews, of my wonderful Yurbuds headphones and one of my incredible Lumie light
– lots of swimming sets: pre-season swim tests, drills and fifties, and sprints.
– a travel post about a holiday in Anglesey.
– a book review of The Temporary Bride and a review of my favourite books from 2014.
– and many, many more including lots of weekly marathon updates!

My best moments in January are harder to think about than November (when I went on holiday to Andalucia) or December (for obvious reasons). It’s a very long month in which I haven’t done much except working really long hours and running progressively longer runs. It feels a horrendously long time ago but the best moments were seeing in the New Year in Anglesey with my friends and the next couple days of cycle rides, 15 mile runs, dinners, wine and laughter.


Right now I am…

Reading: my 220 triathlon magazine! I love it when this arrives once a month and as soon as I finish writing this blog post I’m going to curl up on the sofa under a rug with a nice glass of wine and finish reading it.

Excited about:
– A four day weekend the week after next – two days spent training with my mum, dinner with my friends for Charlotte’s birthday and then a relaxed weekend

photo 3 (12)

Training with super-woman

– getting everything ready to move to Madrid on 1st March. I booked my flights last week and that was a kind of scary moment – flight out, 1st March, return flight, 6th September! Now just to work out how to easily get my bike out there….. Anyone have any bike boxes they want to sell to me secondhand?!

Nervous about:

Running 20 / 22 miles in the next few weeks: I was so sore towards the end of 18 slow miles that I actually whimpered out loud. I hoping that 22 miles (my longest run) won’t feel much more painful or else I will be seriously questioning my ability to run a marathon. Presumably this is normal? That the really long runs do really hurt but you can still do the marathon?


Moving to Spain: yes of course it’s exciting, but on the other hand I am (1) leaving behind James and my lovely Oscar-cat; (2) getting to know a different team at work; (3) having to speak Spanish at work; (4) living alone again which I’m not a huge fan of (so why do I keep doing it?!)



  1. Congrats on the running and good look with the move.
    But can I talk about the books. Did you enjoy The Casual Vacancy? I loved it. And what did you think about the Joshua Ferris book, how does it compare to his other two (which I loved)? Thanks 🙂

    • I haven’t read his other two so I’m afraid i can’t compare – i enjoyed it but found i never really “connected” with any of the characters so it didn’t hugely grip me. Which is interesting given i disliked almost every character in the Casual Vacancy but was still very gripped by it! I ended up loving Casual Vacancy but at first the simplicity of the characterisation annoyed me slightly.. I’m actually in the process of writing a whole blog about it which I’ll post in the next few days!

      • Thanks for that. I agree about The Casual Vacancy – it took some time to get into, but once she’d got all the characters involved I loved. You should read the other two Joshua Ferris books – they are very different from each other, but equally good.

  2. I think with marathon training it’s inevitable that most things take a back seat to running. You’re still getting in a good amount of cross training, strength training and yoga, and you have a very well-rounded training plan…so I wouldn’t worry 🙂

    All PDRs are going to hurt in terms of muscle fatigue and feeling exhausted. As long as there’s no acute pain and you’re allowing adequate time for recovery between them, you’re golden. Things do get easier the more long runs that you do. I found that I wasn’t as sore doing the long runs for my third marathon as I was for my second (I omit the first because I was a little bit of an idiot and didn’t really train for that one!)

    I admire anyone who is fluent in another language…I have enough trouble with social interaction in English! I hope moving to Spain goes smoothly for you 🙂

    • Thank you Jess – i normally feel absolutely fine the next day, just the last few miles of the long run really hurt! Really appreciate your advice 🙂 also in case i’ve given the wrong impression i am by no means fluent in Spanish! Hoping to be after six months there but anticipate the first month at least being very difficult with lots of miscommunications!

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