Marathon Training week 15 – starting over

This week I almost started marathon training again. I feel a lot like I’m starting at the beginning and am slightly stressed by the thought of 26.2 in THREE WEEKS which is not very much time at all. Five weeks of tapering may end up having its benefits….

There was more to worry about this week than merely marathon training anyway, what with a horrible cold that hit me on Tuesday, a busy week at work, a university reunion on Friday matter and a small matter of moving to a completely different country a week today….!

Run 1 – the short one

Was planned for Tuesday but a difficult day of work meant it was pushed back to Friday lunch time. Also a difficult day at work and it would have been all too easy not to do it but as I had only planned a short run I rushed out of my office and on the way. I had planned just 20 minutes to build back into it and see if my knee hurt – 10 minutes out, 10 minutes back. This meant most of the run was running through Canary Wharf as the turnover point was JUST before the canal but never mind. Only a few twinges from the knee and no more pain afterwards, plus the run was quite fast and I had a big smile on my face for most of it. So all good there.

Run 2 – the “long” run

I had some idea in my head that I was going to run 20 miles. It wouldn’t matter that I hadn’t really run in almost 2 weeks, I was just going to go out there and run 20 miles…. The run was planned for Sunday. Saturday rolled around and I was horribly hungover after a university reunion that hadn’t gone quite as planned (one drink, half an hour, home to bed). Twenty miles seemed like a horribly long way and I started planning for maybe 10, maybe 12, maybe 13.1. The knee was still giving me occasional pain. This knee pain started in my right knee and gradually spread to both of them – now both of them just give me occasional shoots of pain. Sunday morning, after a takeaway, film and one glass of wine on Saturday night, I still felt exhausted. Plus it was my last Sunday at home with James before going to Madrid and I just didn’t want to spend the whole day away from him running. I was still planning for 10 miles in the afternoon until ….. the rain started bucketing it down. Yes this is a whole paragraph of excuses.

To finish a long story, I went to the gym and ran for an hour. I didn’t even manage 10k. My knee was fine for the first half an hour then started hurting, so every time it hurt I lowered the speed and walked until there was no more pain, then ran a little bit more. I did this for an hour then stopped.

I MISS MARATHON TRAINING. Seriously – I really miss those big weeks, those 9 mile runs before work, the pride in ticking yet another “long run” off the calendar every weekend. I want to do it all over again. Now I’m just taking it slowly but surely, stepping up the mileage this week with 4 short runs planned. Marathon day will go as it goes and there’s not much more I can say about it than that!


Two swims (more on them later – I’ve been rubbish at blogging as well as marathon training), a few cycles to work and home, and a few 15 min yoga vids, planks and leg raises.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running

Watching the incredible Selma on Saturday night, seeing old friends and drinking far too much wine on Friday night. (Something horrendous – the way I felt on Saturday.)


One comment

  1. If your knees aren’t at 100%, then honestly it’s for the best that you didn’t do the 20 miles! I think you’re making the best of the situation and keeping your fitness ticking over nicely. It’s far better to go into the marathon with energy to spare than to burn yourself out in advance (that includes panicking and anxiety about it – easier said than done I know!)

    You have so much going on right now, and a virus to deal with on top of that. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just focus on recovering mentally and physically. So many people surprise themselves positively on marathon day, but you have to be well enough to start in the first place!

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