Triathlon Training week 1

P.s. (What’s the opposite of a post-script?) Lots more posts with beautiful pictures of Andalucia to come – I am waiting on better internet (hopefully tomorrow!) to upload them. 

I still haven’t actually entered a triathlon but I intend to enter Madrid, which is late June. It fits in with my mum’s numerous triathlons of the year (she is trying to qualify for the world championships in Chicago) and so she can do it with me – perhaps this year I will beat her! She is another year older, I am another year fitter…. But then again so is she! She is swimming a lot more than me and running 10k faster than I’ve ever managed it… And I have little bike strength at the moment. So we will see. But that’s not really what it’s about, it is about having a lovely weekend in Madrid with my mum including doing something we both really enjoy.

So week 1 of training. I am following a Garmin training plan I found on the internet, which I imagine I will tweak as we get further into it. The first few weeks are base training, and it aims to average between 7-8 hours a week. The plan was for two easy runs, two easy bikes of 70 minutes each, two swims and one “option” session of your weakest discipline.

Well I managed those swim workouts exactly as planned before my holiday started….. Nothing else was as in the training plan but it suited me fine!

First the easy 40 minute run. I think I need to properly test my maximum heart rate. The highest I’ve seen it (on a long steep climb) is 194 (and 220 – my age is also 194!). This would mean a zone 1 run (less than 60% of Max heart rate) would have to remain at less than 116 beats a minute. There is NO way I can run at this. I was struggling to keep it below 140 despite the fact I felt I was running ridiculously slowly. I kept stopping to walk to lower my heart rate until I got fed up. I went for Rate of Perceived Effort and managed a very slow, easy, enjoyable 40 minute run.

There was no second run, and instead a four hour hike up a pretty steep hill – El Fuerte from Frigiliana. I figured it could more than compensate for a 30 minute zone 1 easy run.

Equally, there were no 70 minute easy bike rides. There was one 3 hour ride that saw a mix of hills, descents, and a race along the flat. Then there was another hour ride involving a 20 minute climb up 16.7% gradients :/

Oh and I also managed a fourty minute strength session pre-holiday that led to serious aches in my arms the next few days. Looking forward to more gym time in the next few weeks.

And that was it! 8 hours 30 minutes of training.

Something I’m proud of: Getting in those swims pre-holiday and my first strength workout in weeks.

Something I need to work on: climbing and descending on my bike! Something I am getting a LOT of practice at while in Andalucia.

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: spending time with James, all the tapas, lunch in Malaga with my sister and her boyfriend, lazy morning lie-ins, no work, the beautiful views everywhere I look.


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