Marathon or triathlon?

To take a break from all of the holiday posts recently….

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Barcelona marathon since I ran it. I keep visualising parts of it, the noise getting louder as we walked down towards the start, the music and the atmosphere in the pens, how I couldn’t stop smiling the first 10 miles, pushing on through the heat and the uphill at half way, how fantastic it was to run with my mum, how angry I was the last three miles, how it felt when the finish line came into view. And that’s just a snapshot of the many, many vivid memories I keep reliving, over and over again.


It was an incredible experience, but also, it was just my experience. Nobody I was with on that day had the same experience, whether it was my wonderful support crew, or the other runners. The other runners know what it was like, obviously, but I reckon for the thousands of runners on the course, there were thousands of different experiences, thousands of different ways of remembering and reliving it.


Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it. Not in a sad way, or a bad way, or a “I wish I….” way, but with a smile on my face and a HUGE desire to run another one. I’ve started running again now in my preparation for my triathlon at the end of June and I am loving the treadmill sprints … but missing the long slow runs. I am going to enter the ballot for London marathon but I feel like I don’t want to wait a whole year to go it again!


BUT. Then there is triathlon… with one at the end of June and a potential plan for a half ironman in October. Do I want to give up multisport and focus on long distance running? That seems stupid, as I love being out on my bike and open water swimming is one of the best things ever (honestly, it is wonderful). But can I do both? I had a fantastic 400m time trial in the pool on Tuesday, and a 16km time trial on the spin bike today, and I loved pushing myself as fast as I could, dripping sweat from the bike in a way that just doesn’t happen with marathon training.


AND. There is a nagging voice in my head saying “what about an ultra?” Because it wasn’t just the marathon itself that I loved, I actively enjoyed the long slow runs of training by myself. I never found it hard to motivate myself to go for a long run, the way I found it hard to make myself do the shorter, faster runs. I am quite good at going slow….. But could I handle all the solitude of the race itself? And what about my swimming and my bike?

Too many questions. No answers. Fantastic memories of a marathon and absolutely loving triathlon training now. #firstworldproblems – let’s be honest I’m lucky to be able to do and enjoy both! But what to do next……..

There is no point to this post. It’s a word-dump as I try to get my thoughts / feelings in order. There’s this blog link-up called Thinking out Loud which I have joined for the first time this week as I needed an excuse to write this post! So check out the links for more people’s random ramblings. And if you have any advice for me or any tips on combining triathlons and marathons, let me know!



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