Triathlon training – REST WEEK!

I take my rest weeks seriously. Maybe slightly too seriously on occasion. When people hear I do triathlon and that I’m going to the gym at lunch time having run for an hour in the morning, they say things along the lines of “you’re so dedicated … you must really love it”. I am sure we have all heard similar! But I can switch off in an instant. If I don’t have a full timetable of workouts to do, I can easily go a week with nothing and barely miss it. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it – my previous posts this training cycle will show how much I love it – but somehow it is very, very easy to get out of the spin of things.

Especially in a rest week. I moved my programme around a bit so rest week would happen this week as it was going to involve a lot of travelling. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any workouts in over Saturday and Sunday so thought it would be a good chance for a rest week. Well here’s how it panned out.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 20.58.57

Hmmm. After so many green-filled weeks, there’s quite a significant amount of reds and oranges on that schedule! Only just over 3 hours in total. But on the bright side, I made the most of a rest weekend to do a lot of socialising and say yes to things I would normally have said no to….


Only the one run, a long 80 minutes fasted pre-work. It was slow and tiring, but still nice to be out in the fresh air in the park before work.


I had meant to do the second run – another slow 50 minutes before work – but instead it was suggested that I go to watch Andy Murray at the Madrid open the night before. Watching one of the world’s best play live tennis? Yep sure! Then Federer’s match dragged on… and Stotsur’s match dragged on …. and Murray didn’t start playing until after 1am. As I didn’t get to sleep until 3am there was no way I was getting up any earlier than absolutely necessary!


It was completely, utterly 100% worth it though. What’s a 50 minute run compared to great seats at some fantastic tennis?!



Only the one … a 30 minute spin class. It was really hard though. I was sweating so much my hands were slipping off the handlebars. I love spin.


Only the one… the drills workout above. I had definitely intended to go again Friday morning, but then I was awake until 1am reading the Hunger Games. Whyyyyy. I’ve watched all the films, I know what happens… but I still couldn’t put the book down!

Brick work out

Again … intended I promise. Firstly intended on Monday morning, which I had as a holiday and so was back in the UK. However a few too many drinks with friends on Sunday night put paid to that, plus my “easy” 10km PB apparently wasn’t quite as easy as I’d thought as my muscles were really, really sore Monday morning!

Then I planned to get the workout in Friday afternoon but sadly a signing at work got in the way. The whole office was off at a retreat except me (as I was flying back to the UK again Friday evening) and so I had expected a really, really quiet day. Then a signing got pushed backwards and although I kept hoping for a quiet few hours to get out and go to the gym, it just didn’t happen. Quite fun to be coordinating the signing of a multi-million pound transaction though!

Then the weekend was a write-off as it was either spent travelling, or at James’ parents’ wedding. They’ve been together 30 years but just decided to get married now. We had a really, really lovely day with the family and the sun even came out after the ceremony.


Then it was back to their house for pictures in the garden, champagne & cake (what an incredible cake) and then a huge dinner with lots of glasses of wine.


As I was only up in Newcastle for such a short period of time I didn’t want to waste any time by heading off on my own for a run so wrote the whole weekend off a while ago. And I don’t regret it in the slightest!


Something I’m proud of: not much excercise-wise this week I’m afraid. It was a bit of a fail of a week. Having said that, I’m definitely not disappointed! These weeks happen and I had a great time. It’s important not to get too hung-up on always getting the workouts in so that we miss out on life.

Something I need to work on: Errrrm not staying up past midnight reading the Hunger Games probably! Although hopefully I won’t need to work on this as I finished the Hunger Games trilogy in three days and am now almost finished the Divergent trilogy. After this I promise I will put away the Young Adult fiction and get back to proper books I can read more slowly and actually put down when it’s bed time!

Something fun that was nothing to do with training:

Errrrm where to start this week?! From watching Murray play at the Madrid open, to a casual few glasses of wine in a leafy Madrid plaza on Thursday night, topped off by a fantastic  weekend back in Newcastle for a family wedding – it has been a great week.




  1. It looks as though you had a really enjoyable, but also jam-packed week. I think when you’re relatively chill about things and capable of enjoying periods of both rest and training, you’re setting yourself up well for the future, particularly in terms of avoiding injury and burnout. Not that I’d know anything about those…

    That cake is absolutely beautiful as well – it must almost have been a shame to eat it because the design is so exquisite!

    I absolutely relate to being so hooked on a book (or series of books) that you end up staying up all night to finish them. I have pulled an all-nighter on many a Stephen King novel in the past, and given the length of them it’s definitely not difficult to end up foregoing sleep entirely in order to discover what happens. I did that with his recent book ‘Revival’ and in many ways I was so happy to be able to concentrate enough to read again that I didn’t mind the lack of shut-eye.

    • Yes there is something quite wonderful about being so hooked on a book that you read it hours past bedtime – lots of memories from my teenage years! And agreed re the cake, each flower was edible as well so we gently picked them off, ate the cake and then kind of nibbled at it. It was divine 🙂

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