10 steps to a triathlete’s top long weekend in Madrid

Here’s my ten step plan to an incredible weekend when you’re a triathlete living in Madrid:

1) Go out for dinner with new friends on the Thursday night. Drink lots of wine.

2) Sleep off the hangover and then go to the gym for some treadmill intervals. Sweat that alcohol out, listen to Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, shake it off.

3) Leisurely cycle to Retiro Park. Lie in the sun for a few hours and read a good book. Leisurely cycle home.


4) 5 x 300m fast reps in Chueca swimming pool. Plus warm-up and cool-down, that’s 2200m. Exhaust yourself so much the evening is spent watching Glee, tidying, blogging and reading.

5) Saturday – set out for an 80km ride. End up completely off-road on your carbon road bike with no roads actually in sight. Work those calves walking your bike up a sandy track, gingerly cycle downhill. Find a road! It’s going in the right direction! 10 minutes later … oh it’s a dead end. End up eventually knowing where you are but on a cycle path that runs in between a motorway and a railway track, with absolutely no shade. Get home after 77km, tired, thirsty and happy.


6) Take your bike for a clean – lie in the sun while its done. Pay just €5 – Motos and bikes.

7) Sunday – drive with two friends to a lake outside Madrid – Embalse de San Juan. Practice open water swimming in the sunshine.


8) Eat a ginormous paella. Be so stuffed all you can do all afternoon is lie in the sun and chat with friends.


9) Drive back to Madrid, spend the evening cooking and FaceTiming with family.

10) Early to bed!!! (Ready to rise and shine for another swim session on Monday morning)

Hope you all had a good weekend!



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