Triathlon training week 7 – big hours

Long hours this week, big workouts, intense workouts. 11 hours and a half of training – probably the most I’ll manage in a week this training cycle. And especially without any cycle commuting, which gave me a couple of extra hours last year. This week those hours looked like this:

– 2 swims – one of 2200m!!! The second was slightly shorter than it was meant to be as I just couldn’t manage 6 x 300m at tempo speed. I was hating it.
– 2 treadmill runs – one 50min fartlek, one 25min interval run – 1 min on, 2 mins rest. I topped out at 13kph for a minute which was the fastest I’ve ever run on a treadmill! Happy days.
– 1 long run – in the Casa de Campo with my mumma. Longer than on the training plan … almost 2 hours instead of just 80 mins!
– 1 spin class
– 1 short cycle of just an hour – one loop of the triathlon route before work – slightly shorter and less structured than on the training plan.
– 1 mountain bike ride! 4 and a half hours and 47 slow km covered. Nothing like the long bike on the training plan but just as good for me 🙂
– 4 various strength & conditioning and yoga sessions in spare moments (each around 15 mins)


The training plan looked like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 22.17.40

The short morning cycle was wonderful. I was nervous beforehand as I hadn’t been out on my bike before work since living in Madrid. What if the traffic was really bad, or the route took much longer than I thought, or I had a puncture, and I ended up being late for work? As I cycled down towards the park, Madrid was empty. It was just half 7 and almost everyone was still at home. The park itself was virtually empty other than hundreds of bunny rabbits, one runner, and maybe two other cyclists out for some early morning training. The sky was bright blue and the air was crisp, with the promise of heat later on. It was paradise. (And I made it home in time for work).


Then at the weekend my mum came to visit me! I got off work early on Friday afternoon so we spent the afternoon wandering around Madrid before having a lovely dinner.


Saturday morning we were off for a day spent mountain biking in the trails around El Pardo. It was glorious. There was barely anyone else around, views of the country park stretching on for miles.


Only the occasional cyclist zooming skilfully along the trails to break the silence. With hindsight we had perhaps bitten off slightly more than we could chew – the route we ended up on had some incredibly technical trails that there was just no way we could manage. Cycling along a ridge no wider than a few feet, sheer drops into the forest on either side … ending with an almost vertical climb up a sandy, slippy slope.


Needless to say we both walked/dragged our bikes upwards! And that was hard enough, with the ground constantly slipping under our feet and a huge vertical drop away to the right. Once on the top the cycling was slightly easier and we were able to get back on our bikes!


We also ended up cycling along what looked like a dried up river bed – it was incredibly sandy and our tyres just weren’t wide enough. The bikes just stopped dead! So that involved some more pushing instead of cycling…. But we managed 47km, over 4 hours so slow going but stunningly beautiful and great fun.


We were home just in time to shower, rest, have a quick yoga session then head out for dinner and slightly too much wine 🙂

Despite the wine, Sunday morning dawned and we were up and dressed in our running kit. We took the metro from just by my flat to Lago – a metro stop in the middle of Casa de Campo – so that we could do most of our running in the park. We did a slow, hilly 10km loop as I pointed out the route of the triathlon cycle, we watched the other cyclists and runners, enjoyed the view and generally chatted.


Then we stopped for a diet coke at a cafe by the lake, before running the 7km back home! So it was a long run, over 10 miles, but slow and gentle with lots of chatting.


I didn’t feel tired by the end which was great – I did however feel tired after we had done another couple of hours walking that afternoon!!! Sightseeing always involves a lot of walking…


We ended Sunday with some more delicious tapas and early to bed as I could barely keep my eyes open. What a fantastic weekend.



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