Triathlon training week 8 – nearing the end

Another full on week to end June – not just full on in terms of workouts (less than last week but more intense) but also in terms of actual work with one late night and several extremely hectic days. Oh and a dinner out with friends in Madrid and a flight back to the UK….. I’m not one to live the quiet life!

So this week saw 7 hours of training made up of:

– 1 pool swim. I had meant to do two but the hours of training the week before and then a late night at work took it out of me so I enjoyed a well-deserved and needed lie-in. And my swim was intense – 1000m in one go! Then 2x500m. It was the first time I’d swum 1000m this year. I knew I had to do it before the tri but it is just so much harder in a pool than in open water (for me anyway).

– 1 outdoor cycle. Two loops of the triathlon course at a 24.5/25kph pace. Not going to lie – I want this to be faster. But I was cycling on tired legs, on an empty stomach, and it felt seriously hard. Despite that, the park was empty and beautiful. It’s my new favourite workout.

1 brick workout! The first of the season. And it was hard. 9min warm-up on the spin bike, 5min jog on the treadmill. Then 9 mins on the spin-bike alternating 30seconds all out & 30 seconds rest intervals. And then 5 minutes fast on the treadmill. The bike portions practically killed me, the running felt easier. I kept forgetting to change my shoes and tripping over myself. More bricks needed.

– 1 yoga session. Ommmmmmm.

– 1 progressive run. 20min easy (I had to keep slowing myself down purposefully), 10 min fast, 10 min faster. Jog the rest of the way. It was boiling hot (30 degrees) and I was hungry and thirsty and it was hard but awesome all at the same time. My fastest 10 mins were at 5min/km pace which made me really happy. A 25min 5k is within my grasp. A 50min 10k is within my farthest reach….. But I think it will be possible at some point!


– 1 all out run – 12.9km at an average pace of 5.25 min/km (just under 55min for a 10k). If I manage this in the race I’ll be super happy. Factors working against me = I’ll have swum AND done a hilly bike course. It’ll be hot. Factors working for me = you always run faster in a race. I may have just done parts 1 & 2 of a triathlon but I’ll have tapered and eaten properly beforehand instead of having a burger and half a pint of cider…

It was quite interesting as it’s an out and back route I do all the time – but obviously haven’t done for a while due to being in Madrid. Lots had changed!

Last year I posted a pic about how rubbish the cycle lanes were but they are now in the process of improving them….


A few weeks ago there were some tiny baby goslings….


Look how big they are now!!


– 1 open water swim! Never say I’m not dedicated to triathlon – after a busy day at work and a late night flight back to the UK from Madrid, not getting home until after midnight, I was still up and out at 6am to make my way to Stoke Newington for an open water swim training session with Phil at RG Active. It is SUCH a good session. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, from the top pool swimmers to the absolute tri beginners, to the friends of the coach that come along to get some open water swimming in. Most of the session is drills, focussing on getting our breathing right, body rotation and sighting, and then we finished up with however many loops of a 750m – 800m course we wanted to do. I only went for one as I was freezing and my hands were frozen into claws. Post-swim a couple of people always go for a hot drink at the cafe by the lakeside which is a really nice chance to catch up. I was pretty happy that the coach remembered my name from last year! And think I’ll go again when I’m back in the UK in two weeks time.


I missed my long cycle on Sunday because it was pouring with rain, I was hungover after a night out with London friends (just wine and catching up) and I was panicking about a job interview on Monday afternoon. I spent the whole day preparing for it and being super stressed and then went out for dinner with James and friends on Sunday night. Busy busy week!

Something I’m proud of: getting up for that open water swim session. It reminded me how much I love training with RG Active and how fun open water swimming can be. It is ALWAYS worth getting up at 6am.

Something I’m not so proud of: the amount of crap I ate last week. I was stressed and chocolate tastes nice – I just had cravings and I ate a LOT all week and especially this weekend. I’m not too fussed, as I train hard and like to eat what I want to eat, when I want it. However, writing this on Sunday night I am feeling quite lethargic and bloated and am looking forward to some more salads and lighter food next week! Sometimes my body wants chocolate, sometimes it wants salad …. I’ll oblige 🙂 (it always wants wine!)

Something fun that was nothing to do with training: having a nap with my kitty on Saturday morning after getting back from swimming. Doesn’t he just have the cutest face?

Exploring Pop Brixton – a derelict part of Brixton has been transformed by moving in several empty containers and making a new community area for start-ups from Brixton – food, bars, shops, workspaces. It was obviously completely full of hipsters and I felt the most trendy I’ve ever been by queuing outside for it to open! Looking forward to doing more exploring in future.

And finally a really nice dinner with two friends in Madrid at Paraguays the night before one friend left to return to London. The food was incredible, we started with a glass of cava each and then polished off a lovely bottle of white wine before walking home through the warm and silent streets of Madrid. Perfect.

P.s Juneathon Day 1 – 30 minutes easy slow run which actually didn’t feel easy at all! (But was definitely slow)


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