Juneathon Day 3 – national running day

well I almost finished my monthly recap but then work got stressful and I was desperate to get out to go to the circus…. So just to make sure I don’t fail at Juneathon on Day 3, here is a quick blog!

Today’s exercise was a “test” swim involving a warm-up, 4x 50m building in speed, 400m time trial and then a 200m time trial. I felt like I was going to be sick at the end of each of the time trials and the fastest 50m

BUT I managed pretty ginormous PBs of 7:18 for the 400m compared to 7:55 last time, and 3:36 for the 200m – about 20 seconds faster than my previous fastest time this year. I was so happy! Have absolutely no idea how I managed it and I swear my non-sprinting pace is still as slow as ever but never mind.

In other news, it was National Running Day in the U.S. today. I’m not American and I didn’t run today but why not join in?!

I run because…. It’s fun and it is peaceful. If I’m running fast, I feel strong and powerful. If I’m running slow, I’m enjoying the views and just relaxed.

I started running because…. I wanted to be able to finish a triathlon!
When I don’t run….. To be honest I’m totally fine if I’m working hard, or ill, or

 just plain tired. But once all that exhaustion wears off, if I don’t do any exercise I get really antsy.

One thing running has taught me is… I am persistent. I can keep going and I won’t give up. And it has taught me that I enjoy something I never thought I would… Running for hours all by myself!

My favourite kind of run is… A long slow run on beautiful trails, with good company.

Right now my biggest running related goal is… To run 10k in around 55minutes in my Olympic distance triathlon. And not to get injured again. Gotta keep up those hip strengthening exercises!



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