May recap – doing so much of everything

How did we get here? I’ve been in Madrid three months already, half way through my time here. How time flies.

May was a pretty good month in all respects – training, work and life. Although it seems to have been realllllllly long. I have not been scrimping on the training or the socialising,  putting long hours in the office and travelling back to the UK several times. Right now I feel exhausted….

So in May I…..

Ran: 88.2km (almost 26.5 miles).
Cycled: 270km. (Almost half last month, but then I did have a cycling holiday last month…. and still 200km more than the month before so I’m pretty happy with that)
Swam: 13.75km – the most I’ve ever swam in a month! And my longest distance was 2.25km. I swam on average twice a week every week in May – which means I am still ten swims down on my goal of swimming twice a week consistently throughout the year :/


I spent around about 36 hours training and about 42 hours travelling in May. I’m hoping June will see slightly less travelling time and slightly more relaxing time…

I read 9 books – that’s what happens when you read young adult fiction and spend 42 hours travelling!

Silence of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardottir (I’ve now recommended it to so many people I’ve almost learn how to spell the author’s name!)
– Hunger Games x 3
– Divergent x 3
– Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali – a memoir of the author’s life – Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Dutch activist and politician who was brought up in Somalia during the civil war there. It’s also a powerful critique of Islam from a feminist and peaceful perspective – although as Ali is now an atheist, her polemic against Islam could be said to lack nuance. Although … the way she had been treated in the name of Islam, who could blame her?! It’s really good and thought-provoking, and well worth a read, albeit with a critical hat on!
– The Country of Ice Cream Star by Sandra Newman – read this, it’s awesome. Detailed review on the blog here (together with discussions of the Hunger Games and Divergent).


On the blog there were
– tips on bike handling, specifically cornering
how to avoid doing a workout you hate
open water swimming – some advice for beginners
– Two travelling blogs on Antequera and Toledo – two Spanish cities, both full of history.


My best moment in May was an entire weekend spent with my mum eating all the food in Madrid and exploring the area thoroughly by walking miles and miles, a five hour bike ride, and an 18km run. Because what else do you want to do when visiting a new city?!


Also great was James’ parents’ wedding at the beginning of May and a long weekend to myself cycling, running, and heading out to the Embalse de San Juan. It’s been a long month but a good one!


Right now I am…

Reading: Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett – it’s a mixture of travelogue, journalism and history. Incredibly informative but easy to read, with lots of amusing anecdotes about the writer’s own life in Madrid and adaptations to Spanish culture.


Nervous about: Last month I spoke about being nervous about my job interview. Well I had it on Monday… I was really well prepared and it went well – I did the best I could do. But having said that, I have no idea how any of the other applicants will do so I still have no idea whether I will have a job! So I am nervous about finding out in a few weeks time. I’m also struggling to sleep as my mind just keeps going over everything I said and thinking about what more I could have said, or wondering how the interviews took it. Its a stupid waste of mental time but I can’t stop myself!

Excited about: School friends coming to visit me in Madrid – we’ve been friends for 13 years and don’t see each other that often anymore – but when we do we have so much to catch up on! It is really lovely that they are coming to visit and I can’t wait to see them. I’m also excited about doing Madrid triathlon with mum at the end of June. First triathlon of the season!




  1. You really have had a busy May – I think anyone would feel exhausted and drained after such an intense month, and I hope you have a quieter June.

    I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you re: the job interview as well. You did your best and as long as you did yourself justice then there’s no reason to ruminate on it extensively, although I appreciate how hard that must be!

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