Triathlon training week 9 – over-exerting myself in rest week

There is something wrong with me today. I just don’t feel right. Bloated, headache, a bit sick, alternatively feeling hot or shivery. I’ve overdone it. And I overdid it on a rest week. Stupid really…. I had forgotten that rest weeks need to involve actual rest, not less training just because you are doing a lot of socialising!

Wednesday night: saw Cirque du Soleil at the circus then went out for dinner. Not home til after 1am.


Thursday afternoon / night: spent the afternoon walking just under 20km (almost 27,000 steps!) around Madrid (over 4 hours of walking!), drinking lots at various different lovely Madrid bars, and then went to a flamenco show. Not home until after midnight.



Friday afternoon / night: less walking – phew! Only 8.8km….. Fantastic dinner out with my Dad, again lots of wine drunk, lots of food eaten, and home at the early time of 11pm.



Saturday afternoon / night: this may have been what did it. I walked over 20 thousand steps, almost 14km up the banks of the Río Manzanares. It was really beautiful, but also really really hot – well over 30 degrees C.



A nap and a swim in the afternoon re-energised me just in time for an absolutely amazing Michelin starred dinner out – 22 courses, a cocktail and a bottle of wine each, and not home until after 2am…….


– Then on Sunday although I sensibly decided to spend the morning in bed, I really wanted to go out on my bike. So off I went for an almost three hour ride on a route with no shade, almost empty because only crazy people would be out on a day that hot. I drank loads, I promise, over 3litres in less than three hours, but even just a few minutes after my last drink I could feel my throat drying up. I’ve just today ordered a camelbak so hopefully that will help with more constant drinking in future.


So yeah. I’m exhausted. I’m a bit dehydrated still. I don’t feel particularly good. But I do not regret a minute of it! All those things I’ve listed above were incredible, awesome experiences. I can’t quite believe I had so many wonderful nights in one week. Oh and did I mention I started the week back in the UK and so wasn’t home until 1.30am on Tuesday morning either?! They are all more than worth (hopefully just) one day of exhaustion. Some might say my training / life balance slipped slightly the wrong way… I prefer to say there is no such thing as a training-life balance, there is just life and you have to enjoy it (in whatever way suits you best).

But some actual training did happen last week….. A total of 6 hours involving:

2 swims. In one of which I managed some PBs so fast I was concerned I had counted my reps wrong but realised I couldn’t have. 35 seconds faster over 400m than two months ago… Not bad!

– 1 run – back home in Canary Wharf on Monday in which I set out quite fast and then quickly realised that my legs were exhausted after my long fast run the weekend before. I was sensible and slowed right down, allowing my sore ankles and muscles to loosen themselves off.

– 2 cycles – one attempt at a time-trial which had to be aborted due to (1) annoyance at the route and (2) my dad arriving in Madrid over an hour earlier than he’d said. One long, enjoyable but hot cycle on Sunday.

No yoga… no strength work ….

My plan for this week is to roughly follow the training plan, adding in some gentle yoga and some body-strength and conditioning sessions. The training plan has moved to short, higher intensity efforts which I think will suit me – less time training = more recovery time and that’s what I need at the moment!

Junathon Day 8 – 8.5km walked to work and back again. About to do some stretches and hope my poor tummy feels better tomorrow!



  1. That’s definitely an active rest week!

    I really hope you feel better soon – I think the combination of late nights and the heat is probably the cause. I feel worn out just reading about temperatures above 30C…I definitely wouldn’t be suited to remotely warm climates.

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