Triathlon training week 10 – how important is training, really?

It’s incredible how quickly a training plan passes when its only 12 weeks instead of 18 (like my marathon training plan). But this week was strange. I was ill at the beginning of the week, then had a few full-on days, then had a bit of an ephipany where I realised I really enjoy all the training but I just didn’t really care all that much how fast I finish in two weeks time. I know I will finish, and I don’t think it’ll be embarrassing. I know there will be lots of other obstacles to a super-fast time, like the 30 degree heat or just the differences that come from doing a local Spanish triathlon. I know ultimately I’ll want to be having fun with my mum. And I also know that I want to do the training that I enjoy, along with all the other things in life that I enjoy. I don’t want to sacrifice everything else for a slightly faster triathlon time. And that’s totally fine! I know when I move up to half Ironman, or decide to run another marathon with a faster time, I’ll have to approach things slightly differently. But for now I am enjoying exploring Madrid, showing my friends and family around it via tapas bars, and catching up with James and friends back home. IMG_7435 So that’s a long way of saying that I didn’t prioritise training this weekend, and I’m happy about that. A grand total of 5 hours 9 minutes training this week (I like to be precise!) – 1 indoor brick session. Half a triathlon on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. I went for race pace on the bike (45 minutes) which was easier on the spin bike than it would be on the roads due to a lack of hills, and then tried to aim for race pace on the treadmill (around 27ish minutes for 5k). I didn’t quite manage that – it took me just over 29 minutes which is pretty slow, but I was very hungry! – 1 strength & conditioning session. I need to keep doing these once a week as I think this is the reason I (touch wood) haven’t had to miss any sessions because of knee pain this time round! It involves planks and a few other abs / hip strengthening exercises, followed by a lot of slow yoga positions. And some foam rolling. It should be pretty easy to make time for this one lunch time a week, at least! – 1 swim 😦 – 40 minutes including a 1500m non-stop effort in 35 minutes. – 1 3km time trial on the treadmill in 15 minutes and 17 seconds. With warm-up and cool-down I was running for about 40 minutes. – 1 outdoor cycle2 lovely laps of Richmond Park to wash away a hangover. IMG_7446 In other news … I got the job I’ve been worrying about for months which is fantastic and an incredible weight off my shoulders. In fact, today my resting heart rate was down in the low 50s for the first time in about two weeks, such were my levels of stress! I arrived late back to the UK on Friday night and just felt too exhausted on Saturday morning to get up at 6am and go swimming.So James and I went for brunch instead before I went wedding dress shopping with Charlotte. IMG_7424 Then there was a chance of a swim before dinner …. but instead I sat on Charlotte’s roof terrace and drank wine. James and I had a lovely meal out at Berber & Q (apologies for the rubbish photos in that post!) and I woke up with a little bit of a hangover on Sunday …. However, I promised myself an easy cycle and so it was relatively easy to get up and out and let the rain wash away the cobwebs. IMG_7418 Two weeks to go…… Juneathon day 16 involved a treadmill fartlek and then 5 minutes of stretching. I am trying to eventually be able to do the splits like a super-flexible yogi so am easing myself into it – the position is also pretty good to stretch out the hip flexors and the hamstrings after a run!


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