La Terraza del Casino

More food posts! Again, this meal was so special I couldn’t not write about it. La Terraza del Casino is a two michelin starred restaurant in Madrid, on the roof of an incredibly ornate, beautiful 19th century palace. We went in and swept up the round steps that always remind me of Sound of Music, to be greeted outside one of those ridiculously old-fashioned lifts where you have to close the door yourself. These always remind me of the Titanic … except here we were being whisked up to a beautiful restaurant and not down to the watery depths of a ship. IMG_7303 Up we went, and were shown to a table on the roof top, with beautiful views over the skyline of Madrid. It was a warm evening, the sun was just starting to set at 9.30pm and a singer and saxophone player were setting up in the corner of the restaurant. IMG_7304 There were no choices, only the tasting menu … perfect 🙂 IMG_7320 First up was the pisco sour cocktail, made with dry ice in front of us, and served as a sorbet inside a hollowed out lime. Tangy and refreshing, yum! IMG_7307 IMG_7308 Then anchovies in vinegar, potato with ali-oli and olives. The anchovies were served sitting on their spine – there is literally no way of describing this properly – so you picked up the little sliver of anchovy from its bones(!!!). Potato with ali-oli was served as a few tiny cubes of fried potato, like fingernail size, with garlic ali-oli inside them, so the garlicky goodness burst out inside your mouth as you ate them. This was to be a bit of a theme…. mouthfuls with liquid inside that you were advised to eat in one. The olive was awesome – it came on a little clothes line, with pegs attaching two small “plastic bags” to the line. The bags weren’t plastic at all, they were edible, and inside was a tiny mouthful of the best extra virgin olive oil. You popped the whole thing in your mouth and savoured the taste of the oil. IMG_7305 Olive oil frozen toast, olive oil soufflé and olive oil cheese – came in a little cheesy, olive-y pot. The olive oil toast was again made with dry ice at the table in front of us, and the souffle came in a little pot and was deliciously creamy and cheesy. Don’t worry… I’m not going to write in as much detail about each of the 22 courses we had. Mainly because as one bottle of wine, and then another, was opened and poured, my recollections of the food become slightly hazier…. and my pictures even more blurry than they already were! IMG_7309 Niguiri of tuna fish, salmon and tuna tartare – little selections of tuna and salmon sushi, and tuna tartara. As it sounds 🙂 Shrimp omelette and waldorf nuts – was served inside a cracked open nut! Red prawn – served three ways. The crispy, fried legs of the prawn, the body of the prawn resting on a piece of pork belly, and the “head” of the prawn – not actually the head, but a kind of deconstructed prawn-y mouthful. unnamed (2) One of my favourite dishes was the wild mushrooms with marrow and pine essence – sounds crazily simple but was just so flavoursome and delicious. Hazelnut of game parfait, blackberry risotto, and game fritter. The blackberry risotto was served on a silver spoon in the middle of the dish, a tiny clean mouthful in order to refresh the palate in between the other two mouthfuls. Hazelnut of game parfait was incredible … one of those dishes that you are not at first entirely sure whether you like or not. It looked like a hazelnut, and was coated in chocolate! So you bit into the chocolate, then had the taste of the game parfait, then the chocolate again as you swallowed. Final decision = I liked this. unnamed (3) Versailles – this was totally ridiculous. A large red rose was served inside a glass covering. The inside petals of the rose were edible, the outer petals were just normal rose petals. You used tweezers to pick out the petals and they were tiny slivers of red fruit flavours. Pretty incredible, both in taste and in look! unnamed (1) The final course came to us as one of those sweet stalls you get outside cinemas and in shopping centres. We got to pick as many chocolate and sweet treats that we wanted, from dark chocolate, to macaronnes, to a “mohito” chocolate and many, many others. unnamed (4) That’s only a selection of the 22 courses we had! By the end we had polished off two bottles of wine and that initial cocktail and were one of the last couples to leave the restaurant, rolling out and straight into a taxi to take us home. We were full but not that horrible stuffed way you get sometimes when you eat way too much food – the whole meal had taken us around 4 hours. Obviously it was ridiculously expensive, but it was INCREDIBLE. Juneathon day 17 – still salivating over the memory of that dinner. The day began with 1700m in the pool (12 x 100m) and was broken up by a lunch time spin class. If I get home from work early, I might throw an evening home yoga video in there too. Back on track 🙂



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