A moment of bliss

This morning I had the most perfect moment. I was in Casa de Campo, on my bike, cresting the top of a hill with only a clear blue sky before me. There was nobody around, other than the rabbits playing by the side of the road. It was silent other than my breathing and warm, but not yet too warm. IMG_6964 It was stunningly beautiful. And all I could think was how ridiculously lucky I am, that I can be out in what feels like the middle of the countryside for an hour before work. That I can have these moments of peace, and calm and stillness, the fresh air… even when I live and work in the middle of Spain’s capital city. IMG_7357 And then I thought about the day ahead of me – a relatively easy day at work followed by spending the afternoon and evening with two of my oldest friends from school who have come out to Madrid to visit me. Life doesn’t get much better than this ūüôā Juneathon day 19 – ¬†an hour on the bike – 17.4km cycled (all those traffic lights mean it takes much longer than it should to get to the park!)


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