Triathlon training week 11

I had such a fantastic week this week -the last full week of training before taper saw several good workouts and a wonderful weekend with two of my best friends from school – we’ve been friends for over 13 years now!IMG_7565 7 hours 20 minutes of total training this week – while I don’t include just wandering around Madrid I do include hiking. If it involves trainers and a camelbak it’s definitely exercise! – 2 swims – I remembered the types of swims I love this week. A good set of fast 100m reps – not sprints, not so fast your heart is bursting out of your rib cage and you feel you might be sick, but just fast enough so that you are out of breath at the end of every rep. Tempo pace. Race pace. I got in the pool planning on 12 x 100m at roughly race pace, aiming for 2 minutes per 100m, but telling myself I wouldn’t be bothered if I was slower. I surprised myself 🙂 Times of 1:58, 1:58, 2.0, 1.56, 1.56, 1.57, 2.0, 1.54, 1.54, 2.05, 2.04, 2.02. I was really tiring at the end! I also kept reducing my rest, from 30 seconds for the first 4 reps, to 20-25 seconds, down to 15. Those last three intervals were all after 15 seconds rest. On the training programme was a long set of 2400m, including one long 1500m swim. I am so glad I didn’t do that! My second swim was equally fun and different following a set I’d taken from Triathlete Europe. I didn’t do the 600m in the set pictured below as I didn’t have time for such a long swim but I really enjoyed the whole thing. IMG_7472 – 1 spin class – I am not entirely sure whether I hate or love spin classes. I still go to them, and tell people “spin is great!!!!!” but then I spend most of the class looking at the clock counting down the minutes / seconds until its over and I can breathe again. – 1 hills work-out on an indoor bike – 5 minute warm-up, 3 min seated climb, 1 min rest. 2.30 seated climb, 30 sec standing climb, 1 min rest, 2 min seated climb, 1 min standing climb…. etc etc with the time of the standing climb increasing by 30 seconds each time. It was horrible. I’d left my sweatband at home and couldn’t believe how much sweat was running down my face, dripping off my nose, from the corners of my eyes…. – 1 strength & conditioning workout – half an hour of abs and hip strengthening exercises, followed by some yoga and stretching. – 1 treadmill fartlek workout involving 2 minutes at 11kph, 1 min slow, 1 min at 12kph, 1 min slow x 5. I kicked it up a notch to 13kph in the last rep and was dying. It was great though. – 1 hour outdoor cycle – on the loop I’ll be doing 5 times in the race on Saturday…. the hillis still hard. Wish I’d gone out before work and cycled this many, many more times. Too late now! – a 2 hour 30 minute hike with some steep bits up in Manzanares el Real.IMG_7560 With my friends we ate a LOT of food, drank a lot of wine and tintos de verano, explored some new restaurants in Madrid, went to the Reina Sofia art gallery to see Guernica and finally ended up lying out by a public pool in the Acacias region of Madrid – 6 euro to get in and plenty of space for sunbathing and swimming to cool down from the 30 degree heat though. Not great for all you obsessed triathletes though – this was not a place to swim laps and more for gossiping, people-watching and re-applying suncream. Needless to say, I’m exhausted today! IMG_7567IMG_7559IMG_7570 p.s. firstly Juneathon Day 22 may only involve about 30 mins walking to and from work… if I get home in time I will try for some planks and hip strengthening exercises, but sleeping past my alarm and waking up 4 minutes before I needed to leave the house meant no yoga happened this morning! 



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