Ooops. It’s been a while since I blogged. An explosion of work has meant I’ve had absolutely no time to put together blogs as all I want to do when I get home is fall into bed! Such as last night when I wasn’t even home until after bed-time. Plus manic working days means no time for blogging during the day. Or at least …. no time that I choose to spend blogging. One thing that annoys me is when people say they have “no time” to do anything. They do. There is always time. It is just that it might not be time that you want to spend doing a certain thing. Like I prioritised going for a run at lunch time, or for lunch with my colleagues, or going to bed to read my book before I fell asleep…. I definitely could have blogged but there just wasn’t time with everything else I wanted to do instead! But I haven’t been slacking on the juneathon exercise. Wednesday:  a 30 minute hard bike work out in the morning, followed by a 20 minute easy run, with 30 second pick-ups in the heat of the day as practice for Saturday. Thursday: a final swim! With some 25m sprints and a steady 400m plus other reps. Friday: 10 minutes of yoga and strength exercises in the morning. Here’s the weather forecast for race day….. IMG_7591



  1. Yikes, that’s a scary temperature! I have to remember that I have nothing to moan about by comparison regarding the temperatures here…although it’s the humidity that’s really draining at the moment.

    All the best with your race 🙂

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