Triathlon training – race week!

Just a very quick sum-up of what I got up to this week… race recap will come as soon as I have some energy back because I am still wiped out! This week saw 6 hours of exercise including: – two 15 min yoga sessions – one in the morning before work, and the second on Sunday evening to stretch out some tired post-race muscles – one spin bike session – Only 25 minutes, with a nice warm-up and then some short, fast efforts in the middle. – one 20 min run – in the heat of the day, running slow but with 5 x 30 second pick-ups in the middle portion. An attempt to get some practice at running in 30 degree heat! – one pool swim – involving 4 x 25m sprints (22.1s, 23.7s, 22.6s, 23.6s) and a 400m swim that I didn’t manage to record the time for. – one warm-up cycle down to the triathlon…. – ONE TRIATHLON! More on that later. Lets just say it was the biking in the heat that I really needed to practice. Other than that I basically spent most of the week working really hard, getting home, eating dinner and going straight to bed. By Thursday I had no food in the house and didn’t finish work until 10.30pm when all the supermarkets were shut. So I stopped off at a little restaurant just round the corner from my flat and had a huge plate of manchego cheese with my first glass of wine all week. Awesome. IMG_7589 I also bought myself an iPhone 6 as a “you got the job!” treat and so have been taking hundreds of photos with its beautiful camera. No longer do I need to instagram EVERYTHING. IMG_7659 Mum and I had a little wander around Madrid on Friday evening, getting the metro into Casa de Campo for the packet pick-up (very smooth and easy) and then walking back towards the river, up to the palace and through the centre of town to Chueca for dinner.IMG_7660 Saturday was triathlon day so we spent the morning eating a huge breakfast and reading back in the air-conditioned flat. Post triathlon we went out for cocktails and dinner – not sitting down to eat dinner until after 11.30pm!!IMG_7658 Needless to say we were exhausted this morning so we had the most ginormous breakfast imaginable including a lemon meringue tart at about 11.30am before wandering around Madrid a bit more, ending up at the roof terrace of Bellas des Artes where we lay in the sun with a diet coke and admired the view. It was stunning. But now it’s 9.45pm and my eyes are closing …. this girl needs to sleep for about a week but sadly has a very busy work week ahead 😦 IMG_7636 IMG_7661


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