June recap – sun, socialising and exhaustion

That pretty much sums up this month! It sped by ridiculously quickly with barely a moment to draw breath – three weekends of visitors and one at home. I started almost every week feeling exhausted, ramped up the training towards the end of the week, and then overdid it with training and fun at the weekend. Not that I’m in the slightest bit regretful – I have years to concentrate on triathlon and resting and only six months of my life in Madrid! Having said that… let’s hope the first weekend in July is slightly quieter! 🙂 So in June I……. Swam: 10.3km – not bad going although over 3km shorter than May…. I missed one week of swimming twice a week so am now 11 swims down on my goal of swimming consistently throughout the year….. Cycled: 235.6km – I think on a non-cycling holiday month I am happy with being up over the 200km mark so I am pleased with that! It included a couple of mid-week spin classes, a few rides in the Casa de Campo pre-work, 2 long weekend rides and a triathlon! Ran: 35km …. I did NO long runs in the whole of June. In fact, my longest run was the 10km of my triathlon! I ran well over double this last month………………. Not so good! Although having said that, I wouldn’t have run any faster in my triathlon with any more running – I felt my run was strong when I actually started running! It was just the dehydration from the bike that affected me at first. Plus 2 yoga sessions, 1 long hike and 6 strength & conditioning sessions varying from 5 minutes of planks and leg raises to 30 minutes, the month evened out at around just over 23 hours of training (13 down on last month but then it did include a week of taper). IMG_7565 I only read 2 books….  What was wrong with me this month?! Too many visitors, too many restaurants, too much tinto de verano. Okay, nothing was wrong with me this month 🙂 IMG_7559 Those books were: Ghosts of Spain by Giles Tremlett – which I have already lent to my colleague, and recommended to several friends living out here. A must-read if you are living in Spain and very much recommended even if you are just coming here on holiday. Madrid: the history by Jules Stewart  – a fascinating history of Madrid from its birth during the Reconquista through to the modern day. As the capital of Spain, it’s also a bit of a political history of the whole country.madrid On the blog there were…. loads and loads of posts as it was juneathon! Although I didn’t manage to blog and exercise every day I have to admit…… – restaurant reviews, from Berber and Q in Shoreditch, to a new and exciting tapas restaurant in Madrid, Sala de Despiece, and including a 2 michelin starred meal at La Terraza del Casino. IMG_7304 – and then a whole round-up of all the restaurants I would recommend you visit if you come to Madrid! – travel posts about hiking from Manzanares el Real and cycling from Madrid to Colmenar Viejo IMG_7512 – a book review of Jan Morris’ Spain – and there were actually some exercise posts …. one about the ups & downs of swimming, some recommendations for running in the heat, a running quiz and a post about how hard it is to do cycling time trials when you live in a city. – and finally, a race report from the Madrid Villa de Triatlon triathlon! IMG_7604 My best moment in June was finding out I had my job! I didn’t stop shaking for around an hour afterwards, all that nervous energy and tension leaving my body. I had fantastic weekends every weekend, entertaining my Dad by taking him to a michelin starred restaurant, seeing James and friends back home, showing two school friends around Madrid and finally the triathlon weekend with mum. I couldn’t pick one fun moment out of all of those so what really stands out is the relief when I got my job at the beginning of the month. Now I am getting very close to being a qualified lawyer…! Right now I am…. Reading: I just last night finished Madrid: The History so haven’t yet started another book. But lined up is The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett. I started it on my kindle on the spin bike the other day as I can’t read a paperback book on the spin bike and it looks really good so far – I am excited about getting into it! versions of us Nervous about: literally nothing right now! How lovely is that? July is going to be a busy month (what’s new?) but a great month. Listening to: the More or Less podcast -a BBC Radio 4 podcast all about statistics. Turns out the majority of statistics you read in the news or on the TV are just plain wrong / not given enough context, and so this podcast aims to break them down, look into the studies to give more detail on how they were done, and find out the true position. i.e. one I listened to recently went into that study that said “too much jogging is harmful“. Firstly, as the podcast said – there’s an issue with the English language there as “too much” of anything implies that it is bad! Secondly – the most active groups in the study were much smaller. The study showed that light or non-strenous joggers had lower mortality than sedentary people (nothing new there) but what was over-reported was that the strenous joggers (I hate that phrase) had higher mortality than light joggers. There were only THIRTY SIX people in the whole study classified as strenous joggers, and only TWO of these died. AND there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that they died as a result of jogging (or running, can we just call it running?) They could have died in a car accident, for example. Conclusion: question everything. And listen to More or Less. Enjoying: a quiet week at work! Excited about: going to Greece with James! We are going to a wedding on Spetses and then having one night in Athens. There are of course slight(!) concerns about Greece leaving the EU … but the country needs tourism so we are doing our bit to help by going, plus I am sure everything will be fine for our holiday even if Greece does default. spetses



  1. It looks like you had a great month! I love reading books about cities I live in/are familiar with. It makes everything more relevant. Have fun in Greece! It’s an interesting time to go.

    • Ha yes “interesting” is definitely the word for it, especially after the referendum yesterday! It is really affecting my job as well so I am deep into the Financial Times live blog, following all the updates. Can’t wait to go! And yes I completely agree about reading books about places I am familiar with, there is something really special about recognising something familiar to you but perhaps told or seen in a different way – and also learning much more about it!

  2. What an action-packed month! I’m so pleased to hear that you’re making the most of your time in Madrid 🙂

    I never take ‘facts’ at face value, whether that’s in the mainstream media or online. It’s truly shocking how misleading they can sometimes be, and also just how easy it is to manipulate statistics.

    • I really would recommend the More or Less podcast in that case! It’s great because it gets to the bottom of the ‘facts’ and gets scientists / experts to describe to you what the true picture, based on evidence, might be. Really, really interesting.

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