A week of no training!

This past week was perfect, just exactly what I needed after an extremely hectic month of training and life and a very difficult triathlon last weekend. It was so lovely to have no structured training, to take a complete break on Monday and Tuesday, to head to the pool but know I didn’t “have” to get in a certain distance so if I fancied being a little slower in the morning, that was fine. I also ended up being really quiet at work last week (the situation with Greece has really killed the markets) and so had lovely long evenings to go for dinner with a friend, get my nails done, read books, generally just rest and relax. IMG_7680 Then at the weekend I took the fast Ave to Valencia for Friday night and a Saturday spent on the beach which was also wonderful! Lots and lots of photos on my blog post here – something about travelling by myself makes me want to take more photos, I suppose as there is no one to share the moment at the time with, I feel I have to bombard James with texts and photos of what it’s like! IMG_7863 I still managed 7 hours and 15 minutes of exercise so not too shabby and higher than some of my “training” weeks! – 2 swims – 1 spin class – 2 yoga sessions – 1 90km cycle – ahhh that’s where all my hours have come from! IMG_7892 The swims were great as I slightly adapted two of my favourite swim workouts. The first -> 9 x 200m, broken into 3 sets of 3 – I went for just 2 sets of 3, the first normal swimming and the second with the pull buoy. I then finished up with 100m alternating butterfly legs with breast stroke before a cool down. The second -> 30 x 50m, broken into 3 sets of 10. Again I went for just 2 sets of 10. The first set is relatively easy, the second set alternates easy 50ms with all-out 50ms. Then I did the butterfly legs 100m again. That really works the tummy muscles, my abs were agony on Friday afternoon! Next week (well this week, seeing as it’s Tuesday already…..) is the first week of half Ironman training – I guess finishing this race will be my A race for this year 🙂


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