Travel theme: land meets water

With living in Spain and travelling around the country quite a bit, I have been writing a lot more travel-related posts in the past few months. It’s slightly different from triathlon but hopefully still interesting and perhaps useful if you are ever planning on visiting those places!

With that in mind, I stumbled across a blog called Where’s My Backpack, and a travel-themed weekly post. This week’s theme is “land meets water” – and as I spent a year on a boat sailing, I have numerous pictures to fit this theme!

The below was taken as we approached the Turks & Caicos over the Caicos bank, a really shallow, huge stretch of water that we spent an entire day sailing over.


The water was THE most incredible colour, and one of us had to stay at the front of the boat at all times, watching out for coral heads which we could run aground on.

As we got closer to Provo, the main island of the Turks & Caicos, the water deepened, and there was a really clear line between the light water and the dark water. The change in depth attracted a lot of squalls and the below picture clearly shows a squall forming over the spot where water meets land:


Next up …. two beautiful beaches. One in the Turks & Caicos and the other in the Baths on the British Virgin Islands.





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