Not half ironman training

This week was meant to be week 2 of half ironman training. It was meant to look something like this:

tri plan

Instead, three days in Greece and then a bunch of friends coming to visit me in Madrid put paid to that! So the whole week only involved just under 4 hours of training:

2 sea swims – shorter in time and distance than the swims I had on my training plan, but useful training nonetheless as it was open water and dealing with a bit of a swell


1 attempt at running. Sometimes you just have those runs that just do not work. Everything about them is slow and difficult and horrible. This was one such run. Firstly it was meant to be an 8 mile run. As I lay in my bed in Spetses, curled up beside James, with the cool air con blowing over me, I already knew there was no way I was going to run 8 miles. Then I downgraded it to a 35 min run with a few hill sprints. Spetses has hills = perfect! But as I set off on the downhill portion of the run nothing was working and it just was not fun. So quite quickly I turned around and came home to spend the morning swimming and relaxing by the sea side.


– 2 cycles. One can’t really be described as a training cycle as it involved slowly cycling around an island on a mountain bike with a basket on the back. But it was exercise nonetheless! The other was “proper cycling” – a morning with a few laps around the Casa de Campo before work. Going up that horrific hill is just SO much better when it is not 40 degrees!


Other than that, my week was spent exploring Spetses and then Athens and then drinking far too much with friends in Madrid! Holiday time does mean lots of walking though – apparently (according to my Jawbone) I walked 47.7 miles last week! Only 4 hours of “training” but 24 hours of “active time”!

We spent Saturday afternoon at MadrEat, a really cool street food market at Nuevos Ministerios (blog coming with more details), and then went out clubbing in Chueca. It was a tiny little club, with white stone walls and a cave-like feel, the smallest club I’ve ever been into, but it was absolutely heaving with people. After not leaving until after 5am, Sunday was basically a write-off!

I am looking forward to a full-on week of activity next week to make up for this one. I have some big plans involving some cycles and a hike….


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