Travel theme: wind

I wasn’t planning on doing another post like this but saw this travel theme and couldn’t help myself as I have so many good pictures!!!

The first part of our trip across the Atlantic had verrrrry little wind. So little wind that one day we were able to go swimming behind the boat, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest land was underneath us!



Then on our way home from Bermuda to the Azores, we had no wind for almost two weeks. We were lucky we left when we did as those who waited for wind ended up battling gales. We stocked up on fuel and enjoyed the gentle seas – Jilli wasn’t even seasick.

When there’s little wind, you can enjoy sights like this….


And then to finish….. Obviously we also had some days with a LOT of wind, whether we were trying to avoid squalls that showed up on the horizon or just steadily trucking on into a here-to-stay strong breeze.

Sunrise one stormy morning in the Atlantic Ocean
Huge waves!
Dodging the squalls

The wind is so important as a sailor. It’s the only thing you check in the weather forecast, it’s the first thing you notice when you wake up, it forms the rhythms of your days at sea. Click the link to see more bloggers posting pictures inspired by the theme, Wind.


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