Half Ironman Training week 3

I was exhausted this week. For almost the whole working week, I just did not get out of bed in the morning, my eyes still refusing to open at almost 9am after almost 10 hours in bed. I slept in until 8.30am for four days in a row – the longest (excluding holidays) in years! My Jawbone saw some pretty broken sleep, waking four or five times in the middle of the night, but also a good couple of hours of “sound sleep”, more than I usually get. So who knows why I was so tired. Still, I like listening to my body, and I know it’s not right to wake up exhausted after that much time in bed so I clearly needed the rest. I allowed myself lie-ins and a quiet week at work meant I could get my training sessions in AFTER work (this is very rare for me!)

The week in total involved over 12 hours of training(!) despite the tiredness – aside from one week on a cycling holiday (14 hours), this was my biggest training week so far this year. It involved:

2 runs – one on Monday afternoon which was the same as last week’s but 5 minutes longer…. 40 minutes relatively easy on the treadmill with a few hill sprints / sprint sprints thrown in. Except it was much harder than last week’s – tired legs.

The second was on the last section of the Camino de Frances – the main route of the Camino de Santiago. 9 miles, with 2 x 2 fast miles thrown in the middle. I went very slow at the beginning and was loving “long slow runs” again – I just so enjoy running, listening to a podcast, going very, very slowly and enjoying the scenery around me.


2 swims.  The first after work – I finished about 9.30pm and went straight to Mercado de San Anton for dinner. Comparing Spain to England is funny – nowhere in England would somewhere be so bustling with people just sitting down to eat dinner at 10pm on a Tuesday night! It made for a really nice evening as I wasn’t rushing to get home for my dinner.

The second swim was on Friday morning, involving a lot of work with the pull buoy and working on my breathing – including 400m where I alternated lengths by breathing every 3 strokes, every 5, every 7 and then every 2. Breathing every 7 was hard!

– 3 cycles(!). The first was just one of my standard Casa de Campo loops after work (an hour long with an easy warm-up and cool-down through the streets of Madrid, and a fast 20 min section in the park). The second was a brick workout, 1 hr 40 of cycling around the park followed by a 20 minute run. And finally an incredible 4 and a half hours spent cycling on the Camino de Fisterra on Saturday. It may have been mountain biking rather than road biking but it was pretty challenging, both technically and physically due to how steep the hills were. It was WONDERFUL – one of the best cycles ever.

1 gym workout where I ran verrrrryyyyy slowly on the treadmill for 5 minutes then did some core strength work / yoga stretches.

My week was characterised by lie-ins and evening workouts, and on Friday evening, after work and then a brick workout, I hopped on a late night plane to Santiago de Compostela, in Madrid. I already blogged (and mentioned in this post) the wonderful cycle I had on the Saturday, and a complete blog is to come about the town itself because it was a fantastic place to visit for a weekend – beautiful buildings, great food, stunning scenery and wonderfully lively atmosphere.



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