Half Ironman training week 4

Ugh this was such a waste of a week of training I am not even sure why I’m blogging about it … maybe because to keep myself accountable I do have to blog about the bad weeks as well as the good!

I woke up on Monday with a twinge in my left inner groin. It was due to be a rest week anyway so I was happy to take things easier but even so my leg just got more and more painful, until I was limping around and basically in constant pain unless asleep. The worst is when I have been sitting still for a while and get up to start moving. It’s horrible and it’s been putting me in a bad mood.

On top of that, I was suffering bad on the motivation front. I remember feeling this way around this time last year as well. AND this year I have basically been training almost constantly since November 2014 when I started marathon training……

So I rested my leg / my mind Monday and Tuesday. James flew in to Madrid Thursday afternoon so I had to do a heavy day of workouts on Wednesday, with hindsight, probably not the best idea.

I started with a brick workout before work – beautiful cycling as it wasn’t too hot, I even felt slightly chilly as I was soaring down the hill towards the Rio Manzanares! Then quickly dropped my bike off at home, grabbed my rucksack and jogged to the gym where I finished up with a 2km brick run on the treadmill.

THEN I came back to the gym at lunch time for what was meant to be a relatively easy 30 minute run. 10 mins easy, 10 min tempo, 10 mins easy. The pace that I normally hold for easy felt horrendously hard. I was sweating buckets and generally pissed off.

Wednesday night I drank more at dinner than I’d meant to…. ooops…. so swimming had to be put off until Thursday afternoon and I didn’t get another cycle in.

James and I went out for a lovely dinner at the Palacio de Cibeles to celebrate his birthday, then went for a bit of a wander around Madrid on Friday morning. We ended up having lunch in Casa de Campo by the lake, and then went in to one of the public outdoor pool areas. I was a bit annoyed as I had thought it had an indoor 25m pool and an outdoor 50m pool, as well as the general splashy-around pools, but both of those were empty of water. I had planned to get my second swim in here but oh well…. We lay on the grass, read our books and relaxed.


Sunset from Palacio de Cibeles

We then had a fantastic night exploring the summer night-life south of central Madrid in Lavapies and by the Matadero, and slept in ALL of Saturday morning – perfect! IMG_8671IMG_8672

Cue the rest of a lazy weekend involving lots of walking, two art galleries and fantastic food. My jawbone tells me I walked over 16km on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and over 10km on Friday – so not bad!!!!




So there was a lack of exercise and an increase in calories consumed – both in food and in wine – with a total of 2hrs 30 min training. If you ignore the two weeks post-marathon, that’s from my best week, to my worst week. And now I am worried about my leg pain….. so I will take it easy next week by starting the week swimming and seeing where that leads me.


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