Half Ironman Training week 7 – rest week/sick week

This week was a rest week – and it turned into much more of a rest week than I had anticipated. The plan was to still have reasonable training hours – 7 hours at least, but for the bulk of that to be made up of stretching, yoga, gentle core work and gentle hip strengthening exercises. I wanted to get in two cycles, two swims and to try out one short run on the weekend depending on how my leg felt.

Instead, I had a 2 hour cycle on Monday afternoon that went the way I wanted it in terms of keeping it easy, but not in terms of how light-headed and weak I felt on the bike. As I wrote about at the end of this post, I felt pretty exhausted and awful. Then shortly after lunch on Tuesday, my tummy started to hurt (saying tummy sounds really childish, but saying stomach sounds far too medical…) I figured maybe I had just eaten too much, but it kept getting worse until I was suffering painful cramps that left me feeling nauseous, faint, and with a horrendous headache. 

Tuesday night was awful. Although I went out for dinner for my friend’s last night in Madrid, I paid the price with a sleepless night, my body drenched in sweat & boiling to the touch while I was freezing cold, a headache that left me reeling whenever I stood up and just these awful, awful pains in my tummy. I was sent home from work at lunch time on Wednesday and spent a few hours in bed.

Later in the day, the frequency of the cramps had lessened, so I decided to catch a bus to the park and lie in the sun. It’s warmth helped me a bit and I felt sufficiently better to go for a short swim. I had to sit down before I got in the pool as a cramp overtook me, and changed abruptly from front crawl to breast stroke as I felt the pain start mid-length. Obviously I then got out of the pool but I had managed 1200m.

The rest of the week I just rested, with a few yoga sessions. Every morning I hoped I’d feel better, but it just didn’t happen. Then on Friday evening I flew to Tuscany for a wedding (another post about that eventful weekend tomorrow!). What with the painful, dodgy tummy (at some point this week, it had gone from just being sore to also involving toilet dashes, mainly in the middle of the night) and STILL having a “sore” leg I gave up on any idea of training. I started the weekend feeling miserable and fully sorry for myself and ended it cheered up by the sheer beauty of Italy and the wonderful wedding we were at. 


As I write this on Sunday evening I feel absolutely fine – but then I felt fine all Saturday and was still up about five times during the night! 

The plan is to keep Monday easy and then see if I can get back to some training for my LAST WEEK IN MADRID!



One comment

  1. You do get around. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, particularly your last week. I have to say I have enjoyed your stay in Spain.

    Just noticed your broad shoulders. They must help in the water..

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