One day to go!

I’m currently lying in bed just before 8.30pm, ready to read my book for a bit and then go to sleep before a 5.15am wake up tomorrow………. Bags are packed, tri suit is laid out, all systems are go!

I just realised this morning that I am not at all scared by the swim. In fact I haven’t even thought about the swim in weeks! I was thinking about T1 and what clothes I would put on, and how much time I would have, and how I would be excited about getting out onto the bike. And then I realised that I would have just finished the swim. And then I realised that I had absolutely no nerves whatsoever about the swim!

I literally have not even thought about it in weeks. Not being scared of the swim is pretty good, but not having thought about it is probably less good… I am just quietly confident that I can just keep swimming, who knows how long it will take, but I will just keep swimming and then eventually it will be over. I can’t wait to be standing by the lakeside, shivering with cold and excitement in my bare feet and wetsuit tomorrow morning.

I was home from work shortly after 8pm on Friday night and set to making dinner – a ginormous bowl of pasta, chicken, courgettes and some grated cheese thrown in for good measure. This wasn’t so much “how can I fuel fantastically” but more “I need to use up this courgette and this chicken breast and I love cheese”.

Next up was packing – I had a huge list and my plan was to lay everything out on the floor and then put it in the bag on Saturday morning. So I did.


I had a wonderful sleep Friday night and woke up naturally with lots of time for a lazy morning, breakfast, and finishing off the packing. With Oscar’s help of course.


Then it was time to manoeuvre myself, my bike and all my bags out of the door and down the road to the nearest train station. Mum met me at Southampton Airport station and we drove to Sandy Balls for registration, along part of the stunningly beautiful bike course, complete with wild horses and donkeys, and herds of cows! 

Registration was quick & easy, we had lunch outdoors in the sun and then attending the full-on briefing (very friendly and detailed with a talk-through of the bike course) before driving down to the lake to rack our bikes. As always, a bit of time was spent in the car park doing some last minute work to the bikes… (Or in my case, asking my uncle to give me some help!)

And of course time admiring the beautiful bikes….

And gazing out at the stunning swim course. I am so excited to swim it tomorrow.

Then we drove around the whole bike course which is just incredibly beautiful. Undulating, with a good few hills but nothing too horrific, some long straight sections and just mile upon mile of stunning scenery. And horses.

Run bag left at Sandy Balls, we drove to our hotel and were out for dinner just after 6pm. We had Italian at Lovitaly in Ringwood although I can’t say I would recommend it – the food was okay but the service was awful! And now to bed, full of excitement and actually very few nerves. I guess that is what happen when you let go of all goals for an event!! 



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