Weekly review – a plan for the off season?

Something very exciting happened at 9am this past Thursday morning. I woke up early and shortly afterwards my mum sent me a reminder by text…. I went in early to work… By 8.50am I was booting up my computer with a mug of peppermint tea… I pressed the link at 8.58 but it wasn’t open yet… Those last two minutes crawled by…. And at 9am both mum and I officially scored entries to the BRIGHTON MARATHON!

Excited is a bit of an understatement – I am REALLY looking forward to it. I also can’t wait to start training – mum and I are going to try to do a lot of our long runs together, varying between London, the south coast, and various places in between.  I plan to use a similar training plan as I did for Barcelona Marathon earlier this year, as I really enjoyed my training, and I loved the race, hitting my goal time, which means an 18-week training cycle will start mid-December.

So I have two months to get myself back up and running, in a reasonable state to start marathon training, and hopefully having addressed some of the imbalances that have led to injuries in the past.

This week I was AGAIN forbidden by the physio to do any running so that was off the agenda. Instead I racked up a solid 12 hours of exercise, with three days cycle commuting (still getting faster every evening…. It is now officially faster than the tube!), one Pilates class and two yoga classes at work. I’m getting pretty bendy and even managed to get my head off the ground into wheel pose for a total of 0.2 seconds (if that) but it’s a start!! I will keep working on it (if anyone has any tips beyond keep trying please let me know!). My aim is to post a super-stereotypical post like the below on Instagram while on holiday in Mexico over New Year. My friends will tease me mercilessly but I will be very proud of myself 🙂

What else? An hour and a half bouldering at The Arches on Saturday morning. I was much better than last week, even graduating up a level on the difficulty of the routes I picked (and a lot less sore the next day). It was really good fun as a few of James’ friends joined us, including the guy who got him into bouldering in the first place, Bryan, who was lovely and helpful suggesting routes and tips whenever I got stuck. We are going back next week!

And finally – a four hour hike along the North Downs Way (Pilgrims Way) on Sunday. More on that tomorrow 🙂

In other news, I had a doctor’s appointment and an ultrasound which showed a lot of inflammation above my left kneecap. I was diagnosed with a tendinopathy and need to have more physio and then eventually, when I am running again, some gait analysis to try and work out what’s causing it. So now I have a name – but that’s not particularly useful as I still want a why and how I can prevent it.

Food-wise, I forgot my packed lunch twice at the beginning of the week like an idiot buuuut then again we didn’t eat out throughout the week. A fantastic takeaway from my favourite Lebanese place, Dalila, on Friday night. Dinner with James’ sister at the Marksman on Saturday night. The Marksman was great – fantastic food although very fishy, which we don’t usually go for. James and I shared a whole brill between us and the fish was delicious. It was very expensive though so we probably won’t be going back as I don’t think it quite justified the price tag.

And that’s it for another busy week!


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