Weekly review – starting running again!

Last week was very hectic and so blogging slightly dropped off the radar towards the end of the week. Work was getting busier which was slightly stressful as I had lots of after-work activities planned! In my job I normally don’t plan anything after work as I’ll often just be home in time for dinner and bed. Last week I had taken a gamble and made plans for every night except Monday – a bit hectic once work started to creep up on me.

The plan for this week involved the usual one Pilates class and two yoga classes in my lunch times. We did a lot of ab work in the yoga class and my abs were BURNING. Two days later they still hurt. I have a real love hate relationship with Pilates. It hurts SO much. Due to all my after-work activities, I only cycled into work on Monday this week. Had a pretty quick cycle home. I was enjoying myself as I overtook this guy – a tall, skinny guy on a bike set up in a very aero position with noisy expensive hubs. At the next set of traffic lights, he took off sprinting, out of the saddle, pedalling away. Thirty seconds later, I cruised past him (trying not to let him see how hard I was trying!) again. This happened twice more… Then at the last set of lights as we were getting closer to  my house I let him go. Hey, I had to cool down! (And also I was feeling a bit tired….)

What else? Oh! RUNNING!!! I saw the physio on Tuesday and he said I could run again but had to try out a treadmill run – 2 minutes run, 2 minute walking x 7. And those runs were not to be sprints – this was not an interval workout. Well, I kept my speed very slow and did the run as prescribed. It felt GREAT. No pain in the knee or the hip. I was beaming when I got off that treadmill.

At 8.30am on Saturday morning, even the grey skies and the glasses of Prosecco is drunk the night before couldn’t stop me getting out of bed and into my running kit with a big smile on my face. I set off for the 5km of park run with a friend who has recently moved to Brixton and taken up running and park run in particular. I knew her time would be between 30-35 minutes so thought that would be perfect for my return to running.


We ran along having a nice chat, despite the fact that my legs felt pretty tired and heavy at first. I had a few twinges in my knee but nothing serious. We ran on and I was really pleased that I could keep chatting away, even towards the top of the third big hill. While my legs were a bit tired, at least my underlying fitness was still there! Sarah had tired as we came into the last km, and with my knee feeling strong (okay – just not feeling weak), I picked up the pace and sped into the finish with my final kilometre over a minute faster than any of the others! Finishing in a time of just over 31 minutes, with energy left and not gasping for breath I was very happy! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to getting going with my running again.

After that high, Sunday’s climbing was a bit of a low. On Saturday night James and I went out to a friend’s house for dinner (his wife is Mexican and so they cooked us some fantastic Mexican food). We had a wonderful meal and a few good glasses of wine and, although we were in bed by midnight AND the clocks went back so we had an extra hour of sleep – we both just felt a bit lacking in energy the next day. That could well have been more as a result of my running Saturday morning and James’ climbing but, whatever the reason, I was struggling on routes I had previously conquered. I had lost trust in my knee again for some reason, and so was very wary about pushing it. Tiredness aside, we got in a good hour of climbing with some sore arms afterwards!

And what of all those after-work activities that left me feeling slightly hungover the next day and putting off having to get out of bed? First I went with a friend to an exhibition on pop art at the Tate Modern. Then on Wednesday James and I went out for dinner with my little sister, Jilli. We took her to Bubbledogs as we’d enjoyed it so much before and I knew she would love it. Too much champagne and too many cocktails were drunk and Thursday was a big struggle. Thursday night was work drinks, then it was a school friend’s birthday on Friday. Fantastic to catch up with these girls, one of whom in particular I have known since I was ten!!! I don’t see them often enough.

On Saturday I had brunch with a friend before the Mexican dinner mentioned above, and then after climbing on Sunday we had ANOTHER brunch with friends, followed by the cinema in the evening and then a burger at our favourite Honest Burger for dinner. So a jam-packed weekend of exercise, friends and food. Perfect. Oh and I woke up on Monday morning to a kitty purring on my chest! The best way to start a week.


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