This is going to be a pretty short blogpost as all I really need to say is:

Hot dogs + champagne = awesome.

I love hotdogs. I love the cheap, rubbishy ones you get in cinemas and at street food stalls, the bite you get as your teeth press down into the sauce, the soft bread, the ketchup… All of it. I love them. When I came back to Brixton from Madrid, Bubbledogs was firmly on my radar as a London restaurant I wanted to go to.

Welcome to Bubbledogs, a champagne bar that does not serve caviar.

Instead, sink your teeth into some gourmet hot dogs and quench your thirst with some of the world’s greatest grower champagnes.

So one weekend James and I headed off out of Brixton to Fitzrovia for dinner. We liked it so much that we went back last week to treat my little sister.

You can’t book so both times we put our name down for a table for two and then headed to a nearby bar for a drink. Like Honest Burger in Brixton, we were sent a text with a link to show our place in the queue and then sent another text when our table was ready. The restaurant is tiny, with high seats around the bar and then several high tables, all very trendy with exposed brick and low lighting.

Firstly – the champagne. There is a long list of champagne by the bottle and about six different champagnes by the glass, including one rosé. They all (apparently) come from  small independent champagne producers and the champagnes by the glass range from about £6 – £12. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the champagne, recommending us all different glasses that we all really enjoyed.

I went for a dry but slightly fruity one and it was great. Can you tell I know nothing about champagne? You don’t have to drink champagne if you don’t want to though – James was pleasantly surprised by the beers on offer and when we went with Jilli we finished off with some delicious cocktails. Not a great idea on a weekday but fun nevertheless!

Then the hot dogs. DELICIOUS. The first time I went, James and I ordered a hot dog each and liked them so much we ordered a pudding hot dog to share. When we went with Jills we just started off by ordering four between the three of us. This is definitely not necessary, we are just greedy and wanted to try out as many hot dogs as possible! My absolutely favourite was the Mac Daddy – a pork “dog” in a brioche bun topped with macaroni and cheese (and crispy onions and “bacon bits”). It’s basically two of my favourite meals in one. I want to go back again now even thinking about it… I wish it was closer to my flat.

I also had the Sloppy Joe with a beef “dog” (you can also have a vege dog) – beef chilli, cheddar cheese and chopped onions, while James went for a Buffalo with spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese and celery. We halved the BLT (bacon, caramelised lettuce and truffle mayo) and was so happy at just how truffly the mayonnaise was – I love truffle.
Our fourth hot dog with Jilli was the special – a middle eastern wonder. Although sadly sharing one hot dog between three means I only had one small (okay, quite large) bite. I think I’ll have to go again. I probably need to try the Fernando (with chorizo, onions & peppers with capers and alioli) or the Trishna (with mango chutney and spicy mint & coriander sauce). I should point out that Bubbledogs has been criticised for the sausages – for the fact that they are just normal frankfurters and not poshed-up sausages. That is actually precisely why I love them just so much….

It is not all about the hot dogs (although it is mainly). There’s also a good selection of sides, most of which are amazing. I say most of which as I am used to the incredible coleslaw at Honest Burger and Bubbledog’s slaw was just not quite as good. But the tots were delicious, especially tipped into a cheese sauce… (In case you hadn’t guessed, this is not a healthy meal). My favourites were the sweet potato fries as (1) sweet potato fries are always good and (2) in this case they had managed to get the fries crispy! This is pretty hard to do with sweet potatoes.

In case I hadn’t made it clear already, it’s awesome and I will be going again (and again and again). I’m salivating already 😀



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