Weekly review – more park run

I worked out for 7 and a half hours this week, in a week that was extremely busy work-wise. I even managed two swims!

Although the second swim was cut short due to leaving the house with my swimsuit under my clothes and realising after a few minutes that I hadn’t packed any underwear… So back I returned! Should probably also admit that I wasn’t as quick as I could have been at getting out of bed in the morning. The tube was pretty hot & I could feel sweat trickle down my body inside my swim suit. Does anybody else get extra sweaty when they’re wearing a swimsuit out of the water?! Should probably also admit that the reason I was on the tube instead of my bike was because of some impromptu work drinks the night before… So that would explain why I was slightly slower getting out of bed!
 It was a slightly annoying week really as pouring rain in the mornings meant I didn’t cycle to work as much as I would have usually – I will cycle home from work in the rain and not mind it but I just hate cycling in in the rain. The morning commute takes longer because of the traffic and much more time in spent waiting at traffic lights, getting soaked and cold and miserable. It’s not worth it.

I had long, hard days at work both Tuesday and Wednesday, not leaving work until after 9.30pm on Wednesday evening. I was EXHAUSTED and could barely string a sentence together when I got home.

Then on Thursday I had to miss my favourite yoga class due to a video conference with Dubai that ran from 12pm to 3pm then was followed almost immediately by another two hour meeting. It was really tiring and when drinks were suggested at 6pm I was 100% up for the idea of leaving work early, even if it would make Friday a bit of a struggle.

One of the best things in my life is my wonderful boyfriend James. This is obviously for a number of reasons but, especially this week, one reason in particular. James loves cooking and is a really good cook. I try to do my share, especially on those weeks where I’m quiet at work but if we’re being honest, the reason I eat so many wonderful home-cooked meals is entirely due to James.

On both Monday and Tuesday night I came home to dinner almost on the table and a packed lunch in my lunchbox in the fridge for the next day – first a deliciously smoky lamb tagine, then home-cooked lasagne (James slow-cooks the meat over several hours so it is absolutely delicious) and salad. On Wednesday I was so late home from work that I went pretty much straight to bed but still had a sausage and lentil casserole with mushrooms and kale for a packed lunch on Thursday. Thursday night was my night to cook… But I went out for drinks with colleagues and got home slightly drunk at 9pm to find that James had finished cooking dinner… So basically I am incredibly lucky – constantly eating delicious, home-cooked food without actually having to do anything!

On Saturday morning it was slightly misty, but it was clear that the sun was shining just behind the mist. I met my friend in Brockwell Park just before 9am, ready for park run to begin. Although we set off together, as soon as we reached the first incline after half a km I felt I had more in my legs, so said goodbye and set off weaving through the other runners, together with a dad with a pram and another dad with a little dog on a leash. I stopped overtaking people about half way up the hill and settled into running with a tall guy in a blue t-shirt and compression arms and tights. I couldn’t understand how he wasn’t expiring from the heat as I was pretty hot just in my shorts!

We were still with each other by the bottom of the hill and so I decided just to try to stick with him for the rest of the run. Poor guy, he didn’t even have headphones in so had to listen to me breathing away ridiculously heavily, especially up the last hill! But sticking with him definitely kept me running faster than I would have done had I just been out for a jog by myself. Coming down the flat in the last kilometre he was slightly ahead of me. I then stupidly decided I wanted to know what my time was, but in taking my phone out of my Flipbelt the headphone jack came out and so my music stopped… So I had to faff around sorting that out. By the time I was concentrating on running again, compression-tight-man was a good way ahead and I was really fighting the urge to give up. I thought I’d slowed significantly before the final sprint to the finish. It turned out that was one of my fastest ever kilometres….

I crossed the line and did my usual collapse to the ground for a bit. Once recovered, I looked around for compression-tight guy to say hi and thank you but he was already walking away so I will have to  keep an eye out for him next time! 26min 44 seconds is just a minute slower than my PB and so I am really happy and proud of myself, especially given how little running I have done recently! I can’t wait for my next park run.

On Saturday night James and I went to a friend’s house for a Halloween dinner… We ate some fantastic food, drank rather a lot of wine and didn’t get home until 1am.

As a result we sacked off climbing on Sunday for a morning spent in bed reading the papers and having kisses from our Oscar-cat.

On Sunday afternoon I was then off to my first ever yoga class that wasn’t put on as a gym class if you get what I mean. It was held on the top floor of a pub called Dogstar in Brixton – a pub that turns into a massive club at the weekends. We were up on the top floor and below us was a swing dancing class – occasionally the doors would shake when they were doing some particularly energetic moves!

The class was fantastic – really challenging at times but poses and moves really well explained and shown to us. I learnt loads, really enjoyed myself and have very sore arms today after numerous proper chatarangas and attempts at crow pose! I also managed for the first ever time to get properly up into bridge pose and now keep doing it all the time – it is sad how ridiculously proud I am of myself!

It is just SO much better than the gym classes – oh and it was only £5 as it was my first time! Check out Brixton Yoga if you’re in the area, I would really recommend it.

And that was it for another busy week! The off-season continues this week as I head off to New York for a long weekend…!


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