Weekly review

Training dropped off a bit this week due to busy days at work, going on holiday and various events meaning that I couldn’t do as much cycling to and from work as I would otherwise have wanted – I managed just under 5 hours of training. But that’s alright – I’ve had a fantastic week! As I’m in New York and jet lagged, therefore lacking inspiration, here’s a few bullet points of what I got up to:

– a swim lesson for the first time in months. I had to bilateral breathe for the whole session which I have never done before, ooof it was tiring! 

– a Monday evening talk on Women and Power, featuring the quite incredible Sylvia Ann Hewlett. And I say quite incredible because she was in equal parts hugely annoying and very inspiring. 

– one yoga class where I almost managed to get my leg behind my head. On my way to being as bendy as a pretzel, yay.

– one Pilates class where the reverse curls left me feeling as if I had been shot in the abs. Why does Pilates hurt so much?!

– a trip to the cinema to see the new James Bond, Spectre. Good but not that good.

– a flight to New York!

– two early morning jetlagged Central Park runs – the first at 6.30am on a Saturday morning and the second shortly after 7am on Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe how busy the park was that early during the weekend, do New Yorkers not enjoy sleep? 

The sun was just rising, the Autumn colours were so bright and vivid, and I had to keep stopping to take pictures. 

Running felt so good, I was on top of the world. It is just so nice to go for a run without pain, to know that you can keep going and to be able to enjoy the city around you. 

– a weekend of wandering around New York, covering around 20km on my feet each day, including walking the High Line.

– ALL the food

– seeing Matilda on Broadway

– exploring the Metropolitan Museum and MOMA

– an evening of jazz in Williamsburg.

Obviously there will be a blog post about New York coming at some point!!!


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