Weekly review – more off season activities

I can’t wait for marathon training to start. Running is feeling good again and I can’t wait to have a structured plan, something to make me get up early in the mornings. On the other hand – I am still enjoying embracing the lie-ins! They were especially important this week when jetlag was really affecting me.

I landed at London Heathrow just before 6am and went straight into work – by 5.30pm I was basically falling asleep at my desk and my roommate told me I should definitely just go home. So I did. I even took a taxi, which due to the traffic took much longer than public traffic would, but it meant I got to have a little nap and arrived home feeling slightly more alive! However every morning was difficult – even after 9 hours of sleep waking up felt like I was coming back up from drowning. And my brain was not working well all week, forgetting things, obvious things just not making sense in front of my tired eyes.

So exercise really took a back seat during the week. I still managed over 9 hours of exercise – from starting the week well with a lovely run in New York, to one Pilates class, one yoga class, a treadmill run, several little strength and conditioning sessions and one hike! I managed to cycle to work just once but picked a beautiful day for it…

The Thames just as beautiful as my running pic from along Hudson River on Monday morning.

I had a lovely day on Saturday where I was so glad it was the off-season. It poured with rain all day and so I lay in bed and read 220 Triathlon magazine, did some yoga, drove to the butchers, went into Brixton to do some shopping and tried on bridesmaid dresses, all the while glad I didn’t have a long ride or a long run that had to be done. Then in the evening James and I went out for dinner at the wonderful Honey & Co.

By Sunday it had stopped raining and so we hiked Stage 2 of the North Downs Way – blog post on that coming but three words to sum it up would be mud, leaves, fun.

Finally, rounded off the weekend with a lovely roast and few glasses of red wine at the Crown and Anchor in Brixton!

I was horrified when going to bed on Friday night to see on the BBC the news about the Paris terrorist attacks. It is so close to London – it was so real. I know it is awful but of course terrorist attacks occur all the time all round the world and it is only when it happens close to you that it really brings it home. My thoughts go out to all those who died, were injured, were affected by the attacks – and to all those who live in and love Paris and feel their city will never be the same again. I cannot imagine the terror and hope I never have to. Having said that, I feel uncomfortable with the number of people using Paris to express political sentiments on either side of the spectrum. Of course any event like this requires some sort of response – but I would argue that this needs to be a reasoned response after time to think if you have not been personally affected by it. In that regard I would echo a tweet quoted in the FT today: “This doesn’t require your interpretation. This is not like that other thing you hate. This is not your opportunity to score points.



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  1. Sounds like a wonderful off season week. I know what you mean when you’re at that tipping point between ready for a new training cycle to begin and yet still enjoying some unstructured, no pressure workouts. It’s been over four weeks since my big race and I’m finally pain free and enjoying running again.

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