Weekly review – the last off-season week!

Well, this past week was, as the title of this post suggests, the last of the off-season. Marathon training starts today! I am all geared up for a busy 3 and a half weeks before Christmas and plan to spend a lot of time in the gym before 6 weeks of beach, hiking, sun, sea (and no work). Three weeks is no time at all and it is literally going to fly by….

This week I managed almost 8 and a half hours of training which I was pretty pleased with, seeing as the week also involved one meeting that ran into lunch time, two training sessions over lunch and then a four hour client lunch on Friday! I am quite precious about having my lunch breaks as they are a great opportunity for a yoga / pilates class or 40 minutes in the gym so I always get slightly annoyed when other commitments mean I can’t properly take a lunch break.

I had my usual run session where I work on my cadence (20 minutes on a treadmill, one minute “on” at a natural run pace, using the metronome, followed by one minute “off” at a slow jog), followed by some work on hip and leg strength (injury prevention, injury prevention, injury prevention).

On Wednesday I worked from home before a 10.30am meeting in the city, so went on Do You Yoga to find a short yoga video that I could tie in with some pilates workouts. I then got all dressed up in my work suit, only to get on the tube, have a husky lie on my feet and forget about my suit while I stroked his head … cue white hairs all over my legs! Never mind.

Thursday was a little bit special – a training session in the city gave me the perfect opportunity for a run home. Although it was raining and the wind was howling, I had a wonderful 6.3km run home along the side of the Thames. I know I have said this many times but it is SO nice to run without pain!

One swim this week, on Friday morning, and then that evening Charlotte came round for dinner. I say came round for dinner – I was finishing off at work and had a text from her saying “is there any wine I can’t drink?” She had let herself in to start cooking pudding! It was lovely to come home to a warm flat and a glass of wine, followed by mushroom risotto and then my favourite lemon meringue pie, cooked by Charlotte. It was delicious and a great start to a weekend of eating!

James and I headed to the south coast on Saturday morning. We had a long walk in torrential rain on Saturday afternoon – mum’s giant of a dog needs walking! And then mum and I went off to hot yoga for an hour and a half before we went out to the Richmond Arms, a nearby pub, for an absolutely fantastic three course meal.

On Sunday morning it was howling a gale outside but it was dry and we had a cycle planned so off we went. The first section of the ride, up from the peninsula that my mum lives on, is really exposed to winds that blow across flat land all the way from Portsmouth, and so we were all leaning 45 degrees into the wind and being buffeted across the road. Mum had planned a route that involved going through some twisty roads in the South Downs so we had some protection for a bit (and we all tucked in behind James!) but it was one of those cycles where you just try not to really look at your speed but focus on effort instead!

Then it was back to mum’s for a huge roast dinner and a glass of wine before a sleepy train ride home! All in all a fantastic weekend.


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