Marathon training – round 2!

Well it’s the 1st December and today I began marathon training with my first “long” run – just under 12km to work. This is the start of a 20 week training session – this first “warm-up” week then beginning an 18 week programme one week early.

I’m following roughly the same plan as I did last year, for Barcelona marathon, because it seemed to work and I loved marathon training last year. It’s a mix of a Hal Higdon plan and the Run Less Run Faster method, with a lot of cross-training and three runs a week. Longest run will be 20 miles (hopefully – last year, injury meant I didn’t get above 18 miles).

That’s another point – injury. I am planning on trying to avoid it this year in a few ways:

  1. keeping up lots of yoga
  2. doing all the strength exercises that my physio has me doing
  3. warming up properly
  4. not doing some of the really fast, longer intervals that I tried last year on the Run Less, Run Faster program.

Learning lessons from previous years (all of last year’s marathon training posts can be found here)! I was just re-reading this post from my first week of marathon training for my first ever marathon. At this point I hadn’t even entered… I gave these as my reasons for doing my first marathon:

Why am I thinking about running a marathon?

1 – I read so many blogs where people run them that it got me inspired
2 – I need something to make me run over the winter. I am so bad at skipping workouts if I’m not actually training for something.
3 – my run is my weak spot. Even though marathon training isn’t normally recommended for triathletes, I can’t possibly see how running three times a week, including endurance runs, tempo and intervals won’t improve my running!
4 – I’d just quite like to.

So at this point I think it’s probably quite useful to look back at those and see how they apply for this year. Numbers 1 and 4 still apply – I am forever inspired by the blogs and podcasts of other runners, and I really would just quite like to run another marathon. Numbers 2 and 3 … I am pretty sure I would still run over the winter even if I didn’t have a marathon to train for and my run is certainly becoming less of a weak spot!

So why am I running marathon number 2?

1 – So many people, or so I have heard, run one marathon and then think NEVER AGAIN. This was not me. Even crossing the finish line, in agony, I was mainly sad that the whole experience was over, and was already thinking of running another one. So number 1 is that I just loved it. I loved the event, I loved the sense of achievement, I loved the training for it – yup I even loved solo three hour runs in five layers of clothing past frozen lakes. I want the whole experience all over again.

2 – there is no number 2. That’s all there is!

My weekly review posts are about to turn into marathon recaps, in which I will detail:

  • my three weekly marathon runs
  • any cross-training (hopefully lots!)
  • my weekly marathon inspiration
  • favourite marathon eats
  • something fun that was nothing to do with running

I’m excited!

Oh… and before I forget … because I know it is important … my marathon goals and aims.

I am going to train for a 4.15 marathon (knocking almost 14 mins of my first marathon time, but I think its doable). However, I may decide not to go for it…. My mum has also entered Brighton marathon and I would really love to run the whole distance with her. She may well end up faster than me, she has certainly been running a lot more than me recently. We may both end up at the 4hr15 mark. Or she may be slower and I may feel I would prefer just to run at her pace. There will always be another marathon, but there may not always be one I can run with my mum!!!




  1. Yay, another marathon – how exciting 🙂 I have heard nothing but good things about Brighton, and it is a very fast course, so I would say you have that 4:15 or below in the bag.

    Running with your Mum is such a lovely idea as well. I hope you both have a fab time!

  2. You never cease to amaze me. I don’t know where you find the time to do all you do. The more I learn about you, the more I am impressed. Good luck with the training, and with the run 🙂

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