Best (and worst) moments of 2015

Okay okay there are going to be lots of posts summing up the year coming because I keep reading and enjoying all kinds of different summary posts – and it’s fun to look back on the year!

I’m saving the training numbers for later because there are still quite a few days left of 2015 to get some more workouts in!

So here are my best moments of 2015…..

Standing at the start of Barcelona marathon

I know, perhaps slightly strange that I didn’t say “crossing the finish line of Barcelona marathon”! But actually, finishing was a little anti-climatic because you spend so long leading up to it, and training for it, and I loved the whole experience so much that I mainly felt sad it was over … despite also feeling very relieved that I no longer had to run! So the best moment was standing at the start, surrounded by people all about to do the same thing, so nervous-excited and unable to contain the huge grin on my face – I was finally about to do it! I didn’t know how it was going to go but I was determined that I was going to enjoy it. And I did!


Coasting downhill in the beautiful countryside of Santiago de Compostela

I had the best cycle of my life on a rented mountain bike along the Camino de Santiago. I began the day with breakfast overlooking a quiet square, bought a packed lunch from the market, and then set out by myself to see how far I could go. The route was really challenging and at times I had to get off the bike and push but the views were incredible, the sun was shining, and I just felt so ridiculously happy all day. I really did not want to stop – it was just stunningly beautiful.


The evening my best friend got engaged

She FaceTimed James and I at home to tell us in the early afternoon, so later on that evening we walked over to her flat, carrying with us a bottle of champagne. All night, our closest friends dropped by, one by one, coming in to celebrate with Charlotte, and we drank champagne and chatted and got giddy with excitement. It was wonderful.


Beach life in Spetses

James and I had a wonderful day lying on the beach reading our books, having a club sandwich by the marina for lunch, and an evening spent drinking lovely wine in water-side beaches and chatting for hours. It was so relaxed and the perfect time to catch up after living apart for a few months. The temperature was perfect, the water was a crystal clear blue, the food was delicious…. it was all wonderful.



Getting my job

This year I had to apply for  a new job at work. I prepared fully for the interview and went into it really confident, came out feeling it had gone absolutely fine. Then I spent the next week sick with anxiety for the first time in my life (honestly, I actually thought I was ill, I didn’t know what was wrong with me!). I kept dreaming about the interview, running over and over again in my head what I’d said and what I should have said, which is something I never usually do. So the moment I was called and told I had the job, I burst into tears and felt a huge weight literally come off my shoulders. Again, I had never known what people meant when they said that before, but it really did feel as if my shoulders and my head was so much lighter. It was wonderful.

And here are a few worst moments…..

Being sick for ten days

The actual lowest moment came when I was sat on floor of the toilet cubicle at work for about half an hour, knowing I had so much work to do but feeling so awful and in so much pain from my tummy cramps that I just could not get up. Or perhaps one awful night in bed where I was freezing cold but sweating buckets, every part of my body ached and I knew I was all alone in Madrid and with nobody to look after me and tell me I wasn’t dying. Hugely melodramatic I know but when you are by yourself in the middle of the night you are going to feel a little melodramatic!

Reaching the top of a hill in Richmond Park….

I had just gotten better from my weeks of sickness that had completely derailed my training and I headed out with James for my first cycle ride back in the UK. The traffic was horrendous and I was already in a bad mood from comparing it to cycling in Madrid. Then, as I was stood with one foot on the ground, waiting to turn into a side road, a car drove into the back of my bike, sending a jolt of force down my left leg. The worst moment didn’t come then though, or when I burst into tears on the side of the road … the worst moment came on the way home, when I struggled up a hill I had cycled up many, many times. I stopped at the top and felt like throwing my bike away from me. I felt that my sickness had ruined all the brilliant training I had done over the summer and that I just had no strength, and how on earth was I going to manage a half Ironman?! Of course, the real reason I had no strength was because I had just had a rush of adrenaline from being in a car accident that had left me pretty drained. But it was a horrible, horrible cycle.

The last hill on my Madrid Olympic triathlon

Going up that hill, in the direct sunlight, in 40 degrees C of heat, for the fifth time …. I was actually hoping I would collapse so I would have a reason not to finish the cycle and could be rescued. It was so hot, and it was so hard, and I did not get my nutrition right so I had had barely anything to eat or drink. It was so, so hot. And again, it was so frustrating as I had trained so hard, and had felt so strong and fast – and stupid circumstances and not dealing with them properly meant I wasn’t fulfilling myself in the race.


But you know, that’s all I can think of. No more worst moments – even, no more bad moments. It’s been a pretty great year.



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