WIAW – Tulum!

As I said last week, through my next five weeks of travelling I am going to post about what I ate each Tuesday / Wednesday (I was planning on Tuesdays but completely forgot yesterday!). Both this week and next I will be in Mexico. 

I was expecting to wake up very early with jetlag so had vaguely considered a long run before it got too hot. So I was quite surprised to see that it was almost 9am when I finally woke up!! A quick glass of water and I headed out with my friend, Jack, for a hot, slow, short, horrible run. 

Once back, I began the day properly with a cup of coffee.

We got ready and headed out to La Chula, a restaurant in Tulum near town but on the road going towards the beach. There I polished off an iced coffee, a strawberry and watermelon juice, lots of water, and huevos rancheros. Its a lovely restaurant with delicious food and very friendly (if a little slow) service.

From there it was time to jump in a taxi towards the beach where we spent the afternoon relaxing and swimming. We tried and failed to get a table at the famous Hartwood – apparently the most tweeted about restaurant in NYC despite being in Mexico, don’t worry, we are going to go back when it’s quieter after new year! – and ended up at Mur Mur. this is a new restaurant that had just opened in Tulum by the beach and we had an absolutely delicious meal – five courses of innovative Mexican food, all ingredients from the Yucutan peninsula. I am going to blog about it in more detail in a few weeks time but it was wonderful! Between the four of us we also polished off two bottles of wine, a cocktail each and two beers for the boys….


And then home for some more drinks in our rooftop jacuzzi before bed!!! Holidays are awesome. 


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