New Years Resolutions 

My recap of 2015 is coming – in writing it I really realised just how much I did last year, just how busy it was and how much I accomplished, even if my races didn’t exactly go to plan.

Last year I set some triathlon goals with this slightly cringing foreword that still holds true today:

I am careful with my goals for the year. I don’t see the point in setting numerous goals in January that you are never going to keep, or that are completely out of your control. For example, I have a big, very important job interview coming up this summer. There’s no point having a goal to get that job because it’s completely out of my control – all I can do is try my best which I will do whether or not it’s a “goal”. With that in mind, finishing my first marathon isn’t a goal. I know I will try my best to finish because I’m ridiculously stubborn and hate to give up on things but maybe I’ll have flu or break my leg or….

Just FYI – I got the job and I finished the marathon 😀

My goals were:

Swim twice a week every week. I won’t lie, I gave up on this. I tried really hard and it kept me swimming when I might not have otherwise, but it was just too hard to do it every single week of the year. I’m going to go for it again this year, with the knowledge that I might not succeed but also knowing that having the goal does motivate me.

Find a lake for open water swimming in Madrid – this one was not my fault – turns out there are no lakes anywhere near the centre of Madrid where you are actually allowed to swim!

Explore Spain by bike – this I definately achieved with wonderful cycles in Andalucia, Santiago de Compostela and getting out whenever I could for a long cycle out from Madrid to the mountains. I am going to miss how easy it was to get out on my bike!

Do some structured bike workouts – this I also managed, but would also like to do more of in 2016

Keep training for my marathon – success!!

Don’t stop running post-marathon – success!

Pick fun triathlons and enjoy every one – note to self: triathlons in Madrid at the end of June are too hot to be truly “fun”. I did enjoy it though! 

Don’t stress too much. I mainly achieved this one other than a few instances. The main reason I was stressed last year was at the thought of the job interview mentioned above. I have never in my life been so stressed and anxious as I was between the interview and, a few weeks later, finding out I had the job. So stressed I was physically ill. Obviously I am so happy that’s over! But I did find myself getting stressed at work once I had the dream job… Stressed I wasn’t doing a good enough job, stressed I was only doing an “okay” job. So this remains a goal as I found, towards the end of last year, when I was working all day and home just in time to go to bed, that I never really switched off, I kept dreaming about work, I felt so tired and drained at the weekend, and occasionally I didn’t want to go into work. That’s not like me, because I love my job. I need to work on being productive and really efficient during the day, so I can leave on time, at least occasionally, to have an evening and to cook dinner for James for a change!!

Other than the above, in 2016 I am going to keep it short, sweet and simple with a few general intentions and some SMART goals:
– do more yoga, more regularly. I love it when I do it, think it is really important in injury prevention, and I have no excuse once I am back in the UK, with lunch time classes in my office and a great Sunday class in Brixton.

– eat more vegetarian food. I love meat, a lot, but I currently eat it for lunch and dinner every day. While I would NEVER become a vegetarian, I think it would be good for me and for the environment in general to eat slightly less meat and so I am going to go for one vegetarian dinner a week. It will also encourage me to be slightly more adventurous in my cooking and try out some new recipes. 

– finish a half Ironman in under 7 hours. This one’s the SMART goal! It’s specific, it’s measurable, it is achievable, it’s results-focused and its time-bound – it has to be done by the beginning of 2017. Last year I managed it in 8 hours, with all the injury and illnesses. I can’t guarantee not getting injured or ill, of course, but I am really good to concentrate on my injury prevention exercises to try and stop that. I am going to fiddle around with my nutrition more during the year to try to find what works – maybe I had too many bananas!! And I am going to train to shave off at least half an hour on the cycle and again on the run. I’m going to do more brick workouts and train on the actual course. I know that now I am back in London, cycling is more of a challenge than it was in Madrid but I am really going to work on getting out early for long cycles.

– sub 25minute 5km! This too is a SMART goal and I am so close. I need an early night of sleep and a good meal the night before, with regular park runs leading up to it to practice speed work. And I an going to get that goal this year.

So there we go!!! Some pretty solid goals for the year I think – now for the execution!



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