WIAW – the travelling by bus through Mexico edition 

Today I left my boyfriend and friends packing up our apartment to catch a flight home to the United Kingdom, while I hopped on a four hour bus journey from Tulum to Mérida and then another eight hour journey from Mérida to Palenque – all places in Mexico. I wrote this post on a combination of both journeys….

I woke up planning on a bit of porridge and a last run before leaving Tulum behind. However, everyone in my group apart from me had been pretty ill with stomach bugs (James was convinced it was Hepatitis A or decompression sickness), and I woke up this morning not feeling hungry (an immediate warning sign for me!) and with occasional tummy cramps. I decided a run might not be the best idea and so spent the morning packing and lazing around with James.

It was the first day for the majority of our holiday where everyone had been well enough for a meal and so we headed out for brunch at our favorite restaurant in Tulum for the fifth time – La Chula. More to come in a post on food in Tulum but it is just a really nice relaxed atmosphere in which to have some brunch! I have had huevos rancheros every other time I’ve been, but with my tummy feeling funny, decided that might not be the best idea! Instead, we all ended up ordering pancakes.

The banana pancakes were delicious, piled high with little slices of banana and served with a choice of maple syrup, honey, and dulce de leche. It was the perfect choice for delicate stomachs and went down wonderfully with some fresh orange juice!

From there it was time to say my goodbyes and get a taxi to the bus station – time for a four hour bus journey from Tulum to Mérida! It passed relatively quickly as I slept, wrote blogposts and listened to podcasts as I stared out of the window at the endless jungle. I started getting a bit hungry so tried a muffin I had brought with me from the bakery in the nearby supermarket. It didn’t seem to set off any nasty reactions so I finished it off.

Once in Mérida I had some time to kill before my next overnight bus (the only one of the trip, thank god!) and so spent a pleasant few hours wandering around the city wondering what on earth was making my backpack so heavy before settling in a leafy square for a diet coke (and a toilet trip – I had forgotten that one of the most annoying things about solo travelling was going to the toilet without anyone to look after your bags!).


 I then went for for dinner at a place I had read about in blogs, Amaro. I ordered guacamole and a bowl of pasta and pesto, thinking this home-comfort-food dish might be the best thing for my stomach. 

As soon as I startes eating the guacamole I knew it was a bad idea and tried to cancel the pasta, but it was too late as it was already ready. So I had a few tiny bites of both guacamole and what turned out to be a very oily pasta before giving up and passing the time reading my book, thinking about how much I wanted to be asleep and desperately hoping I wouldn’t be sick on my second bus!  



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