WIAW – Lake Atitlan

I had a wierd realisation the other day. Someone asked me, for the first time since I came away, “what do you do?” I think people often just assume I am a student as I’m travelling and look younger than I am (still! I’m finally at the point where its a good thing!). So I told them I was a lawyer and realised that it no longer seemed part of my identity – it used to be that if someone asked me to describe myself in a few words, lawyer would be one of them! Now I’ve already forgotten what that feels like and its only been 3 weeks since I was at work!

But anyway, that digression over, let’s get on with looking at what I ate and did yesterday. I’m currently in the hippie village of San Marcos, by the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

A slight one hour change in the time difference has perfected my body clock so that I wake up naturally around 6.30am. Yesterday morning I was up and out to “enjoy” a long run and I wanted to save my hotel breakfast until after my run.

So I fuelled two hilly hours of running on two clif shot bloxx and two SiS gels. 
Once back at the hotel, it was time for a continental breakfast – orange juice, coffee, toast and marmalade with the best view.


As I’m sure you can imagine, given that breakfast spot, I dragged breakfast out for ages, before returning to my hotel room to handwash my clothes in the sink and hang them in the sun to dry! Then I spent another glorious hour or so sitting on the dock over the lake by my room, the occasional splash of water cooling me down nicely.

Eventually my tummy rumbles sent me out in search of lunch around 2pm and I quickly stumbled upon Gypsy, a small cafe on the main pedestrian path from the boat dock. They have loads of juices and smoothies, and I chose one with blueberries, strawberries and chia seeds (delicious!) as well as picking their special of the day, vegetarian chilli. For a total of £2.28 a huge steaming bowl of chilli arrived, with some toasted bread. It was wonderful. On top of that, as San Marcos is hippie-central, I was sat on a bunch of huge cushions around a low table with my shoes off, so once I had finished eating I curled up and read my book in complete comfort.

I couldn’t stay there all day, as I had a yoga class to get to at 4pm! San Marcos is known for its yoga classes (and  meditation, reiki healing etc!). I walked over to the Hostal del Lago for a wonderful hour’s yoga class in an incredible open air studio that sits out over the lake. Savasana was to the sound of waves gently breaking and Maya children playing outside the studio.

I ended the day with a few glasses of wine and dinner at Restaurante Fe – no pictures as the place is lit only by candlelight, but I had a chickpea coconut curry with rice and avocado and it was delicious!

Despite the two hour run and hour yoga  class, this was actually one of the more restful days of my trip as in between them I was able to fully chill out and enjoy myself 🙂




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