WIAW – the Chicamocha canyon and Barichara 

Well, this is my last WIAW from my travels as I fly home to the UK tomorrow night. Last week I was in the middle of the jungle so posted about everything I ate on one incredible day in the middle of the desert! It’s here if you missed it.

Yesterday we woke up in Refugio de la Roca, a little hostel in the Santander region of Colombia where the rooms are actually built into the rock. We had a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, packed our bags and then headed to the hostel’s yoga studio for a little yoga session. It’s one of the most beautiful studios I have ever practiced in.

We left the hostel and began to drive to our next stop, Barichara. On the way, we stopped at the Chicamocha canyon national park, where we went on one of the world’s longest cable cars – down one side of the canyon and up the other before returning! We were on the cable car for about 50 minutes in total.

 We had lunch just outside the park at a restaurant overlooking the canyon. We shared a lovely avocado salad and then I had a chicken dish in a mushroom sauce that came literally coated in melted cheese! The sauce was great but the chicken was very tough and not really that nice. We have found a lot of places in Colombia, unless they are posh restaurants, serve awful chicken so I would recommend staying away from it!

After an hour and a half on a twisting, turning mountain road (which also happened to be the main road from Bucaramanga to Bogota and so was filled with lorries), we arrived in the incredibly beautiful town of Barichara!

We settled into our new lovely hotel, went for a short wander around the sleepy town and then had a sunset drink on our hotel’s rooftop terrace. The mojitos were freshly made and delicious!

For dinner we went to Shambala, a tiny little restaurant with only four small tables, an open kitchen and one guy as waiter and chef. I had some delicious barbecued ribs and mum had an Asian rice dish with prawns. We both really enjoyed the fresh juices – mine had papaya, strawberries and blueberries! Well recommended.

We read our books for a bit longer and then were in bed by 9pm, both exhausted!



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