WIAW – routine?

Six glorious weeks of travelling are over and I’m still revelling in it by writing up the blog posts – next up is Colombia!

But while my blog might still be not so far  from the equator, in holiday mode, I am very much back at work, straight back to a very busy week in fact as one of my cases is preparing for trial in a few weeks time so we are in full-on preparation mode. I am trying hard to ease back into my routine…

Remember this? My WIAW from Guatemala… Sadly today was a little different…!

My alarm went off at 7 and I got up, ready to cycle into work and swim. Then I looked at James, still in bed, and remembered how much I love lazy mornings cuddling and then actually being able to speak to James as we both get ready for our day, instead of slipping out in the dark. I got back into bed. 

When I read or listen to things offering athletes tips on how to fit training alongside family life, it all seems to take for granted the fact that the one doing the training wants to be out there running, cycling, whatever, and spending time with the family is all about keeping the spouse happy. There doesn’t seem to be much recognition that actually, often, the athlete actually wants to spend time with their family. Sure, I love training and I know I need to do it – but I also love spending time with James and often my long work hours mean I can’t do that. Its less about keeping him happy and more about what I want! That’s quite a different thing and yet it doesn’t seem to really be dealt with when I read about training / life balance.

So that digression aside, I didn’t go swimming and didn’t cycle into work as by 8am it was raining. That’s okay for training reasons as well – I am still jetlagged and tired from travelling, plus I have a half marathon race on Sunday that, although I’m not tapering for, I would like to be relatively rested!

Instead, I fed the cat, brought James a cup of coffee and got the tube to work. I had my usual breakfast of porridge, dried banana and sunflower seeds at my desk, followed by a flat white coffee. 

The morning flew by until it was all of a sudden 1pm – I was starting to feel hungry but managed to pop to the gym for a half an hour weights session before eating my lunch. This was leftovers from last night’s dinner – butter beans sautéed with garlic and lemon, served with  rocket,  lettuce, cucumber, red pepper,  tomatoes, avocado, pomegranate seeds and lots of blue cheese!

Some procrastination followed (looking up furniture shops online) and then I got back  down to it and before I knew it, it was 7pm. I’d been snacking on almonds all afternoon so didn’t feel too hungry – I decided to go for a swim before finishing up at work. 

I don’t normally do any training in the evenings – if I finish work before 9pm I like to go home to have dinner with James, and if not then it is too late for a workout! But James is out this evening and so I took advantage of the opportunity for an empty pool and a short 20 min swim. As I haven’t swum in a proper pool since before Christmas, I did a test swim of a timed 400m and then 200m. I was so pleased with myself as my times were the fastest they’ve been since the peak of my training last June! As  usual, I was ravenous after swimming so I grabbed some pasta from the canteen at work and gobbled it up while finishing up my work.

I got home at 9pm, cooked a packed lunch for James and I for tomorrow, sorted out a clothes wash, packed my bag for tomorrow, laid out my running clothes and was finally in bed just before 10pm to finish up this post!

The meaning of “routine” is a strange one. On the one hand, this day was very much back into my usual routine of work, gym at lunch time, the little things around the house that make a routine and that you don’t get when travelling. But on the other hand, it was a completely different day – I don’t often have dinner at work, I almost never train in the evening, I didn’t cycle into work. I miss sunshine, beautiful views, relaxed days with nothing to do but go for a walk and read my book. On the other hand, I am very happy to be back!




  1. Oh my God, now things start to make sense. I get very little holiday, a day here, a day there… maybe a week a year where I can relax… On the other hand, I haven’t worked past 4 pm but a day or two a year when I forget what time it is, in a decade.


    • And I finished work early yesterday as I had time to swim AND still get home by 9 🙂 full on when I’m there and lots of days of holiday – that’s the way I like it 🙂 (p.s. in the UK the usual amount of holiday is 4-5 weeks a year which is I think a lot more than in the US!)

      • Some industries are better than others over here… If I took my vacation the way others do, I’d get three weeks plus a week for sick time. I don’t get sick though. 😉

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