WIAW – race day!

This is actually what I ate on Sunday as I just had so many wonderful meals I wanted to share them!!! It was also the day I was running Portsmouth half marathon so it’s a little snapshot of the kind of things I like to eat on race day.

I woke up at 8am as the race started at the reasonable time of 9.45am and had my usual long run / race breakfast of porridge with a banana. When I have to wake up ridiculously early for a race (thanks, triathlon) I often don’t manage to get breakfast down as my stomach doesn’t take too well to eating that early, but this was absolutely fine!

We drove to the race, got set up, and with about 15 minutes to go I had a Clif Shot Blok for a little boost of energy to start with. I had a SiS gel at about the half way point and then two bottles of water and a bottle of chocolate milk at the end! (full race recap to come – I am waiting on the pictures being put up on the website).

Then we headed out for lunch. A friend of mine from Portsmouth had recommended the Parade Tea Rooms which wasn’t too far from the finish line. It was a lovely, light airy building set out on the Common (a public park). When we arrived we were told it would be about a 15 minute wait for a table, we shrugged our shoulders and said okay, but less than two minutes later our table was ready!

I had an entire baked camembert to start. I barely ate any of the salad pictured… I am not a huge fan of beetroot and who needs salad after a half marathon anyway? Just all the cheese……..

You go up to the bakery area to order and they had had several lovely cakes laid out. I hadn’t noticed them, but of course mum had… she came back with four cakes for three people (my cousin, who is at Portsmouth university, had joined us) so we shared them all and then took them home in little doggie bags! Mine was the dark chocolate one and it was delicious.

I was home just before 4.30pm after getting the train back up to London. I unpacked, put a wash on, chatted to James, had a short half hour nap. Then James shocked me with an actual Valentines Day card and presents! It was our seventh Valentines Day together and the first time I have ever received any presents… obviously I hadn’t gotten him anything so the guilt crept in (thank god for Amazon Prime which meant James’ Valentines was just one day late!).

For dinner, James had cooked a huge roast gammon with all the trimmings which was incredible.

And I finished off the night with the rest of that chocolate cake, several glasses of wine and then a huge mug of peppermint tea – perfect!




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