WIAW – Easter Sunday 

I thought I’d share with you all what I ate on Easter Sunday just because it was so ridiculously good. I was in Andalucia, southern Spain, over the weekend, staying with James’ family in their villa up in the hills.

The combination of the clocks going forward, being in Spain (an hour ahead anyway), and a late night with rather too much wine, meant a bit of a lie-in, waking to glorious sunshine and clear blue skies. What actually woke me was James’ sister, Katie, asking if we wanted anything for breakfast – yes, definitely!

She cooked up a delicious breakfast of poached eggs and avocado on toast with a side of mushrooms, which I polished off along with a chocolate easter bunny. 

Breakfast devoured, James and I headed out with his parents for a walk towards the village of Acebuchal. Just under 2 hours later, we reached this lovely little village in the absolute middle of nowhere (more coming in another post) and stopped at a restaurant for a snack – a cold glass of rosé for me and some jamón and Manchego for us all to share, along with lots of bread and olive oil.

Then it was back to the villa to read my book in the sun and snack on crisps and olives before dinner. Katie and her boyfriend Tim had once again cooked up a treat – a 7-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder with harissa and garlic, baba ganoush, tzatziki, roasted butternut squash, lots of bread….. The table was groaning with food but we still polished it all off, washed down with lots of red wine and finished up with a plate of cheese and then a bowl of strawberries to pick at.

Yep – I was completely spoilt this Easter Sunday.



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