There’s a bit of a theme this year where each month I get surprised when I have to write my monthly recap post. Its as a result of being super-busy, with only one weekend spent at home this month.

I spent nights in five different places – Aberfeldy in Scotland, Brighton, Les Gets in the Alps, Andalucia in Spain, and of course in my own bed at home!

My most popular Instagram posts were:

And now onto training stats!

In March I:

Swam: just twice – 2100m. Even less than last month. I have no swimming motivation at the moment – I just cannot make myself do it. I don’t think I’ve ever been this disengaged from swimming! I don’t want to make any promises but I really hope I start swimming more next month or else July’s triathlon will be hard.

Cycled: just 102.8km. Shh. And I have a triathlon coming up. Running is taking over cycling right now and to be honest I am not missing it that much. There’s too much traffic in London.

Ran: 164.4km – just over 102 miles! Again, no excuses here! My second ever biggest month (in January 2015 I ran 111 miles). I started to feel really confident in my interval runs, loved my long runs, and stuck pretty closely to my training plan. No injuries in this marathon training cycle yet!! Now to wrap myself in cotton wool for the next two weeks…….

Yoga: 5 yoga sessions compared to last month’s 7 – now I am home and ramping up marathon training it is back to just one yoga session a week. But that’s okay! Now I just need to work out how to keep that up once triathlon training starts and I have to add in swimming and cycling…

And also 2 glorious hikes in Andalucia.


Ours are the streets by Sunjeev Sahota: it’s strange – I remember reading this book and enjoying it but really can’t remember a single thing about what it was about… Having looked it up and reminded myself I can’t believe I forgot! I really enjoyed this small, personal, psychological study of religious extremism and cultural differences in the north of England. It’s uncomfortable reading at times but it is very, very well-written.

Under the Visible Life by Kim Echlin: now this I loved. I’ll blog about it 🙂 but if you like different cultures, and women, and jazz, you’ll love this.

News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: although told as fiction, this story is actually truth – about a spate of kidnapping in Colombia in the 1970s of journalists and the family members of politicians, as part of the drug traffickers’ campaign against extradition to America. It is fascinating and really well told.

The Long Song by Andrea Levy: a story about slaves in Jamaica at the end of slavery, I have to admit this is my least favourite book that I have read so far in 2016. And I suppose that is actually a positive as there was nothing really wrong with it… It was just… Middling. I think something working against it was the fact that one of my favourite books is The Night Women by Marlon James, which tells a similar story about slave life and rebellion but just SO MUCH BETTER.

An Outpost of Progress by Joseph Conrad: a short story along the lines of Heart of Darkness (which, by the way, is incredible), I enjoyed this but found it just slightly too short… As I do with most short stories to be honest!

My best moment in March was… On top of a mountain with empty snowy slopes laid out before me, with my mum, sister and cousin on our last day today. My favourite things in life (other than the key people, most of whom were there) are beautiful views!

Right now I am…

Reading: an absolutely fascinating book about Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan and Iraq (and about general history in the middle east) by a journalist who even met bin Laden several times called The great war for civilisation: the conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk. It’s incredibly well-written and am important read to increase understanding.

Listening to: this amazing episode from Athlete on Fire with Amanda Sullivan. It is the only podcast that has made me want to cry several times – from talking about severe accidents leaving Amanda brain damaged and in a wheelchair, to the support of amazingly strong US army veterans, to heroism on 9/11, to some incredible athletic feats of perseverance and above all inspiration. It’s one of the best podcasts I have EVER listened to.

Enjoying: lovely yellow flowers and clear blue skies. Spring is here! (Although, knowing the UK, probably not to stay….)

Excited about: this little marathon I got coming up in 2 weeks time. I actually don’t feel nervous at all right now because I know I am so much better trained than I was last year, and I got round no problem last year. I am just so ridiculously excited to be surrounded by all the people and to be running by the sea.


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