Marathon training week 19 – taper week

My taper started this week – two weeks out – aiming for shorter runs, but keeping the intensity. I also prioritised lie-ins to maximise on rest but that didn’t really work as I kept waking up early anyway. Why on earth do I only wake up naturally at 7 when I don’t need to, and it feels like the middle of the night when I do need to?! I also seem to have found myself with a lot of work on my plate this week and next which is not good when I am trying to prioritise rest and minimise sleep. Oh… and then there was the event of 2016 – Charlotte’s wedding! I don’t think I’m going to be as rested as I would have wanted to be, but never mind!

Run 1 – the interval run: I planned 4 x 5 mins at goal 5km speed and then to see how I felt for the last interval. Legs felt great throughout but by the end of the third interval my heart rate was sky-high and I struggled with that side of it. So I cut intervals 4 and 5 down to 3 minutes each. I figure its important to base things on effort and I was certainly working really hard!

Run 2 – the one that didn’t really happen: I took a half day on Thursday to prepare for Charlotte’s wedding on Friday. My original plan was to check into the hotel and then go for a 10 mile run along the canals – a nice change from my usual route for my last long run. But checking in to the hotel, saying hi to all of Charlotte’s family, starting to get things organised, all took slightly longer than planned and I realised I wouldn’t have time for the outdoor run. Plus it was raining and I hadn’t brought my jacket. So I decided to make use of the hotel gym and do a tempo run instead. This didn’t work particularly well either as the wifi wasn’t working and the treadmills were really, really rubbish. I ran for about 20 minutes until my shoelace came untied, and then I decided I really couldn’t be bothered. I stopped running and joined Jack in the pool for a few gentle lengths.

Run 3 – the other one that didn’t really happen: this was planned as a slow ten-miler on Sunday. I figured I’d have a full day of rest on Saturday after the Friday wedding, have an early night and then wake up right as rain on Sunday. It turned out I still felt pretty exhausted and after heading out to run I quickly started to feel sick and just not very well. Tapering is all about not pushing yourself so I turned around and walked most of the way home!! It would have been great to get a last solid run in but I am content not to – I have trained hard since December and am happy to just rest up from now!

Cross-training: I swam! I actually got in the pool and swam! (The proper pool – I am not counting my hotel pool swim). Maybe I can still call myself a triathlete… Even if it was only for 20 minutes. In my defence, I had a longer session planned but then work got really busy and I had to go to a last minute meeting at lunch time on our contingency plans for Brexit. So it was either don’t swim at all, or cut the session down. Glad I managed it though! Yoga and strength training took a dip due to the wedding and having lie-ins, but on the bright side I cycled to work quite a bit!  5 hours in total.

Best marathon training eat: the food at Charlotte’s wedding was just wonderful. Smoked salmon to start, followed by lamb, and then a lemon posset that was delicious. Plus of course lots of delicious wine. And then later on there was cheese and cake and I ate SO. MUCH. CHEESE. The best.

Something fun that was nothing to do with running: Charlotte’s wedding!! Clearly. The whole thing was just wonderful from chilling out with her sisters in our matching pyjamas on Thursday night, having our hair and make-up professionally done with a few glasses of bucks fizz the morning of, watching Charlotte & Jack say their vows, and then dancing the night away. It was brilliant.

Marathon training inspiration: I am heavily lacking in inspiration this week. I got nothing. I just want to get it done with now – I CANNOT WAIT until marathon day!!!



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