Marathon training – the last week 

As this posts, I’ll be running in my second marathon, just over a year after my first. So I thought I would post a quick summary of what my last week of training looked like in place of my usual Monday summary.  

I trained for  less than an hour this week (not including the marathon!). At the beginning of the week I decided what I would do, keeping everything to a minimum, and then completely failed to stick with it despite the fact it only had 4 workouts on it! See below…

Monday: swimming! I have found a triathlon training programme that I will start properly once the marathon is over. For this week, it had two swims, one being a solid swim of half of race distance non-stop. I decided that would be a pretty good pre-marathon workout, a solid effort but not pushing myself too fast or swimming for two long. So 750m it was (well, actually 760m as my pool is 20m long) in a time of just over 16 minutes.

Tuesday: running! I ran for just over half an hour, running out really slowly and then running back at a “comfortable fast pace”. Which weirdly I didn’t find any harder than my slow pace and in fact mentally easier. I was worried I had some aches and pains after but I think it’s all mental.

Wednesday: working! Gotta love working solidly from 7.15am to 11.45pm. I billed to various clients exactly 13 hours and 48 minutes of work in one day. Yawwwwwwn. 

Thursday: working! 9.15am to 11.15pm. Yawwwwwwn. 

Friday: working! And then finishing at 7pm and going straight home to bed at 9pm.

Saturday: spent all morning reading in bed before going to view a house and making  my way down to Brighton for the expo! I was exhausted and felt AWFUL. 

So now I plan to run with my mum and enjoy a lovely sunny day out in Brighton 🙂



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