Rest week / what am I doing week?!

The week post marathon is a week to rest, relax, and allow my poor battered body to get back to normal. This didn’t start particularly well this week with the day after the marathon at work from 8.45am until midnight. On the other hand, I spent the day with some interesting clients and a successful outcome, and being in a meeting room all day meant I could get up and wander around the room rather than having to stare intently at a computer as I usually do!

Tuesday was my first 8 hour day at work in a really long time (I usually work much longer) and I revelled in getting home before it got dark and… doing some chores. Fun…! For the rest of the week I worked reasonable hours and concentrated on relaxing, sleeping in and seeing friends.

I recovered from Brighton marathon significantly faster than I did from Barcelona, feeling pretty much entirely back to normal by Wednesday afternoon and cycling home from work. Of course, I kept myself in an easy gear and just span my legs, but I had no aches or pains. On the other hand, on Friday afternoon I went to my usual 40 minute yoga class and I found it absolutely exhausting so I was clearly not fully recovered!

Two of my school friends are in a huge choir in London and were performing on Thursday night, so I met up with another schoolfriend for dinner and then went to see them, which was great.

Last Friday, James passed his PhD meaning he is now officially a Doctor of philosophy. As I had a marathon to run, I wasn’t doing much celebrating at that point so I arranged a surprise party for him this Friday. A bunch of us turned up at the pub where he usually goes for an after-work drink with cupcakes, balloons and banners, and then we went out for dinner and generally drank and chatted until the early hours of the morning!

Then Saturday afternoon was time to catch up with another school friend, before a quiet night in and then watching the London marathon on Sunday morning!!

I watched the elites fly past – how exciting that a world record was almost broken, cheered on the GB athletes competing for spots at Rio and then cheered on the first of the normal runners until around about the 3 hour mark. All so fast – they are wonderful. I can’t imagine ever running that fast!

Then it was to another friend’s house for lunch and a catch-up – I hadn’t seen her since last year so it was way overdue! I had planned to go to yoga but stayed at the marathon longer than planned and then chatted longer than planned! So it was a very, very lazy week – a complete refresh before triathlon training starts again! 

I only exercised for just under 3 hours last week. I polished off well over the number of alcohol units I’m meant to have per week and had five meals outside the house – a pretty good post marathon week I think!!! 



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