I am slowly remembering that I might be a triathlete. It’s not easy – the thought of incorporating two more sports into my routine is, I have to admit, quite daunting. Plus I seem to have lost some of the desire to do anything but run, yoga and strength. I know that it’s because I’m just out of the habit and fingers crossed it comes back…

At the moment my standard evening conversation with James goes a bit like this:

Him: what time are you getting up tomorrow?
Me: I’m going swimming, so 7
Him: ha okay so your alarm will go off every ten minutes between 7 and 8.30, when you’ll jump out of bed panicking about being late for work?
Me: *sheepish face*

Every morning – the same thing happens. Until yesterday when I’m pleased to announce I actually got up and made it to the pool (James woke up in shock when I wasn’t in bed).

So what did I do as my first swim in weeks? I thought it might be useful to set out my session as I know it can be hard to think of things to do in the pool and I am always on the look for more ideas myself!

Warm-up: 100m front crawl, 20m (1 length) breast stroke – x 2
80m kick – one length hard, one length easy, repeat.

Main set: the official set is descending 50s, but as my pool is 20m long, I went for descending 40s. I started on a turnaround time of 1.30 (far too generous!) and then gradually reduced the turnaround by 5 seconds, doing two sets at each turnaround time. That sounds complicated and it really wasn’t so I’ll try to set it out slightly easier:

2 x 50m on 1.30
2 x 50m on 1.25
2 x 50m on 1.20

Etc etc. My 40s were about 42/43 seconds and I started finding it difficult after the turnaround time dropped below one minute. I finished up with one on 45 seconds and thought I might actually die in the pool, I was breathing so hard! A long way to go 🙂

Cool down: 80 slow metres, one length breaststroke, one front crawl, one breaststroke, one back stroke.

And done! This morning (the next day) I felt exhausted, strangely so, so I didn’t get up for my run, knowing I could do it at lunch time instead. I think I am definately still recovering from the marathon so I don’t want to jump back into training too hard, too quickly, and make myself ill.

But you know something? I actually enjoyed my swim. I need to start doing that more often! 🙂




  1. Haha! This whole post made me laugh. I’m in the exact same place you are – started training for my first triathlon of the season 2 weeks ago and STILL haven’t swam (I’m using the excuse that my daughter was sick and our pool was closed for holidays on my swim days). I’m supposed to get up at 5:45 am tomorrow to go swim…and I. Am. Dreading. It. Even though I was a swimmer growing up. Something about the early wake-up time and jumping into cold water first thing in the morning gives me a pit in my stomach!

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