Weekly review – back on my bike

I am trying to think of a new format for these weekly review posts. I like the structure of my marathon training posts but it doesn’t work quite as well for triathlon training when the important workouts are not quite as clear-cut as three weekly runs! I am going to start by stealing a format from DC Rainmaker’s wonderful blog – the place to go if you are looking to buy any fitness tech.

So without further ado – here are five things I did this week.

1) Went running again post-marathon. Two very slow, very relaxed runs, one at lunch time along the canal and a longer (9km) run on Saturday. On my first run, I was quite shocked to see a really fast (for me) mile split after 1 mile, and a pretty fast average pace. I wasn’t trying to run fast and knew I was still pretty tired after the marathon. All made sense when I finished my run and realised my GPS had been waaaaaay off running through the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf, having me run about an extra kilometre!

On Saturday I had plans to meet up with friends for an afternoon coffee, after a morning spent house-hunting. So I decided the best way to get a run in was to run to coffee – and then I decided a really good route would be to run along the South Bank. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! In my defence, it had been a really, really long time since I’d been to the South Bank. But it was a sunny Saturday on a bank holiday weekend. One tip for all wannabe London runners – NEVER RUN ALONG SOUTH BANK ON A WEEKEND. It’s basically impossible. There are so many people that at parts you can’t even walk your own pace. So I ran up to South Bank and then half ran, half walked along it. At least I wasn’t really trying to train – just to get my body used to running again post-marathon.

Talking of post-marathon, although my body feels all completely better, for the first part of the week I was still clearly recovering. On Tuesday I cycled to and from work and went swimming, and I was completely and utterly exhausted on Wednesday despite an early night. So I kept things relatively easy the rest of the week with a light strength workout and gentle yoga class.

2) Got back on my bike. I went for my first non-commuting outdoor ride from home (and only my third non-commuting ride from anywhere) since I got knocked off my bike in September. And it was awesome. The sun was shining, the baby deer were playing, I remembered how much I loved cycling. Whole blog post to come on the cycle soon.

3) Too much drinking – far too much drinking. This week coincided with two work nights out – a client event and then a leaving do for someone in my department. I was pretty well behaved at the client event and was in bed by 11, feeling fine, but the leaving do was less well-behaved! I got home after 1am and spent the whole of the next day feeling absolutely horrendous, the most hungover I have ever felt at work. I left at 5pm on Friday and was in bed with a pot of hummus by 7pm!

4) Ate at Padella, a new Italian in London Bridge on Saturday night. James and I realised we hadn’t been out just the two of us in forever and had recently read several good reviews of a new pasta restaurant, Padella. So off we went to try it out. The pasta was absolutely delicious, especially the beef shin stew parpadelle – and a chocolate tart for pudding was pretty good too! James started with a beer and then we shared two 500ml carafes of really good red wine and the meal came to around £90 – not bad for the amount we ate and drank and how good it was!

5) had a lovely sunny bank holiday Sunday afternoon in East London. It is so nice on a Sunday to know you don’t have to go to work the next day! I came back from my cycle on a complete high due to the wonderful sunny warm  weather, and James and I began the trek from Brixton to East London – Hackney Wick. An hour later we arrived at the Crate Brewery which was absolutely bustling with people outside enjoying the sun – a strange mix of hipster millennials smoking roll-ups and parents with smart buggies eating pizza and dancing with their children. 

After a few beers we set out for a long walk along the canals in the sun to Broadway Market where we sat outside at El Ganso cafe for dinner. It was SO GOOD. It is a tapas restaurant and we basically just ordered everything on the menu and kept on ordering. The service was fantastic despite the fact we had squeezed 7 people in a space for 6 without a reservation, the food and drinks kept coming, and it was only just over £30 a head for so much food and drink. It was great! 


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