Triathlon training and sunny London days 

Last week went relatively well. 7 and a half hours of training, lots of beautiful weather and good workouts. So without further ado… Five things I did this week:

1. Most importantly – had an offer accepted on a house and accepted an offer on selling our flat! All going to plan, we would be moving in the beginning of August and I am super excited. The place we are buying (I am going to have all my fingers crossed so tightly until it all goes through) is a whole house on a ridiculously pretty and quiet cul-de-sac just south of Brixton. I can’t wait!!!

2. Went swimming twice. For the first time in 4 weeks. My first swim was on the Bank Holiday Monday, with long 200m sets. Then my second swim, on Friday lunch time, involved short 20m sprints, followed immediately by a recovery 20m swim – practice for that surge in speed you might have to do at various parts of a triathlon swim.

3. Came down with a really bad cold. I had a really sore throat for most of the week but that was it until Friday, when a busy day with most of it spent on the phone resulted in me completely losing my voice, and then waking up with a head full of cold on Saturday. I decided to skip my run – no point doing it when ill – and just go for a gentle walk instead. So that was my only skipped workout of the week. It was okay because my first run of the week went great – a structured fartlek run with 2 minutes in zone 3 (on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being very easy), 1 min easy,   1 min zone 4, 1 min easy, repeat. It was a beautiful day and I hit all my target paces pretty easily so I was very happy!

4. Another weekend cycle in the sun. 

Despite my cold, the lovely weather meant that I really wanted to spend some time outdoors in the sun. I figured a gentle cycle would be quite a good thing to do, even with a cold, as long as I didn’t push myself too hard. The traffic was horrendous as everybody tried to get to Richmond Park in their cars for a picnic lunch. It was awful all down the road and then even awful in Richmond Park, meaning that for much of the time i was just cruising along behind cars, not able to overtake or put any effort in. Despite being sick, I didn’t completely cruise round – going fast is too much fun! But it did mean I wasn’t too bothered when I couldn’t go fast.

5. Went out for dinner with my sister. My lovely little sister is off to the USA to start a new job on Tuesday. Her job, working on a super-yacht, will see her in the USA for a few months, before sailing over to the Mediterranean, and then back to the Caribbean over the winter. I have no idea when I’ll next see her and so it was so nice to go to dinner and catch up. We went to Picture Restaurant, by Oxford Street. The food is delicious, as is the wine (they even serve most of their bottles in a half bottle carafe which I think is great) but the service was quite slow. It didn’t really affect our enjoyment because we had wine and we just wanted to chat, but it was noticeably slow!

And that is that for last week! Inching ever closer to triathlon day…



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